Every homeowner has come across one of these silvery small insects that appear similar to a fish – the silverfish. In fact, their appearance resembling that of a minnow is the reason they got their name. They are tiny insects that are known to invade homes, and they’re not reluctant about it.

They prefer to hide in cracks and crevices throughout the day. However, it isn’t unusual to spot them laying in your bathtub empty of water and scurrying about your flooring, or climbing up your walls, particularly when the sun sets. Let’s get a little deeper about the reasons these pests come into your home and the best method to obtain a pest control services within Pittsburgh to rid your home of these pests.

Why Do I Keep Seeing Silverfish?

Silverfish are tiny (typically not exceeding .7 inches in length) Light and shiny gray in appearance. They have three tails that are long on their abdomens. Also, the species has six legs as do all insects , and enormously large with a flexible and long antennae.

They aren’t tolerant of extreme cold or heat and prefer areas that are close to temperatures of room temperature (between 70-85 degrees). That’s a lot of times they will enter your home to escape the extreme cold or heat. Silverfish can also make use of your home’s house as a food source and drinking source . They’re not selective eaters and will prefer anything with carbohydrates. This doesn’t only include bread or cereals and bread, but in fact, everything that could contain the nutrient cellulose, fiber, or starch that includes paper, organic fabrics, some shampoos and soaps and even certain types of glue!

This feeding pattern means that these feeding habits mean thatsilverfish can cause damage to your home, often getting into food stores or clothes and damaging them without realizing it. Silverfish may slither into small spaces because of their flexible shape, flat appearance and small size. Sometimes, they’re even found in food packaging that has not been opened.

In addition to the fact that they can contaminate food stores and damage the property of others, silverfish aren’t harmful. Contrary to centipedes they don’t carry venom and unlike cockroaches they aren’t able to spread diseases. But they can be irritating and destructive buggers. And once they’ve decided that your home is a suitable source of water and food They can be a challenge to eliminate.

Beating The Bugs

There are handful of things you can take care of to keep pests from your home, for example:

  • Fixes Moisture Issues Silverfish are fond of water, so make sure that areas such as crawlspaces and basements have adequate ventilation , and are free of leaks or other issues which could lead to moisture accumulation.
  • Seal off Entry Points Silverfish can enter numerous locations, making it essential to check your home for the tiniest hole or crack and then plug it.
  • make food unaccessible Store pantry food items inside air-tight container. Securely cover trash. Clean dishes when you’re finished.

However, they are driven to move into Pittsburgh homes in the area for refuge from the scorching heat. They also to find water that is limited outside. So the process of keeping them out is an issue. If you already have an established population of silverfish, the best method to eliminate them is to contact experts.

At Pittsburgh Pest Control , we offer effective efficient, reliable and – most importantly – safe and sustainable environmentally friendly treatments for silverfish and various pests. We’ve had over 10,000 happy clients in the Pittsburgh area. Our trained technicians will assess your property and collaborate with you to develop the perfect tailored treatment strategy that can meet your specific requirements. Give us a call on Pittsburgh Pest Control at (412) 991-2693 or visit our website to request a free estimate.

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