Bed bugs rank high on the list of pests you should avoid having in your home. Bed bugs are parasites that live on our bodies while we sleep. Few pests can cause such disgust as bedbugs, so it is important to make every effort to keep them away from your home. These pests are master infiltrators, so preventative measures won’t work.

Bed Bugs: Hitchhiking Parasites

Many people believe that bed bugs are only found in dirty places. This would mean that a clean home will suffice to prevent bed bug infestations. Reality is much more complicated. Although dirty properties are more likely to attract pests than clean ones, bed bugs will go wherever there are pets or people to eat. Bed bugs are parasites that travel in hitchhiking fashion, attaching to clothing and belongings of those who don’t know they have them. You could end up with bed bugs in your home if you come into contact with them elsewhere.

Bed Bugs Bring Health Concerns to Your Home

Bed bugs can be a serious parasite that can cause severe illness to us and our family members. Although they don’t transmit diseases like ticks and mosquitoes, bed bugs can bite people while they sleep. These feeding habits can lead to all the following health problems:

  • Itchy skin: Bed bugs can leave small red marks on your skin called “welts”. You’ll feel more discomfort the more they cover your skin.
  • Infection: When animals and people scratch at these welts repeatedly, it increases their chances of getting infected.
  • Insomnia: This is a condition that causes people to lose sleep at night. It can be caused by the itchy bites, or psychological effects such as the fear that bed bugs could emerge if they close their eyes.

True Prevention is the Biggest Problem

Bed bugs can be introduced to homes by either coming in contact with them directly or bringing in contaminated items. It is impossible to prevent bed bugs from entering your home. Although you can take precautions, such as making sure you inspect any used items before purchasing them and bringing them home, you cannot guarantee that you will be protected from bed bugs. You can’t avoid the many places where bed bugs can spread, such as hotels, airports, and hospitals. Even diligent homeowners may find themselves in a bed bug crisis. You will not be able to eradicate the entire population by yourself. Bed bug eggs can often hide in difficult-to-reach areas, so homemade or over-the-counter treatments won’t work. You should call the professionals immediately if you see bed bugs.

Let Pittsburgh Help

They are difficult to control and prevent, so Pittsburgh Pest Control offers quick, effective, and reliable treatment for bed bugs in Pittsburgh. We offer many bed bug services to keep your home free from parasites, including traditional liquid treatments and heat application. The best way to prevent bed bug infestations is to let experts assist you. Contact Pittsburgh Pest Control to learn how we can protect your home from pests such as bed bugs.

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