Nobody likes being wrong, but it does happen. This is especially applicable when it concerns bed bugs. Although the internet is brimming with details about the control of bed bugs however, only a fraction of it is accurate. Whatever you think you are aware of about bed bugs, you may be in the wrong place regarding what you know about how to manage these Pittsburgh insects..

Common Myths About Bed Bugs In Pittsburgh, PA

All of these are myths that are often cited regarding Bed bugs. Which of these myths have you believed?

Bed Bugs Only Live In Filth

Cockroaches and other insects will go to great lengths to seek out dirty environments. Bed bugs do not require food scraps or spilled drinks to live. All they require is blood from animals or humans. No matter if a home is filthy and insects living in Pittsburgh are attracted by it,

Bed bugs can reside in clean or dirty surroundings. Because of this, it is extremely difficult to stop the pests from settling within your home. No matter how often you clean, you may be a victim of bed bugs.

Bed Bugs Only Live In Beds

While bed bugs like to stay in sleep places, they don’t require beds for their survival. They can be found in baseboards, couches, as well as other pieces of furniture. No matter if a space has a bedin it, there’s a chance that it’s the home of bed bugs.

This is due to the fact that This is because bed bugs could bite you even when you’re sleeping. When you’re lying in the chair or sofa, a parasite might emerge and feast on your. Upholstered furniture is the most popular place to hide for bed bugs.

Bed Bugs Spread Diseases

There’s a popular belief that bed bugs cause illness, however there’s some truth to it. Although there’s no evidence for it bed bug infestations canoften cause health issues. For example, insomnia is almost always linked to bed bugs. When you scratch all night, you’ll lose precious sleep.

There’s also the risk of secondary infections. If you scratch at the bug bite, you could scratch the skin and result in introducing bacteria into the wound. If left untreated, the infection can become very grave. There’s also a possibility of becoming anemic. An infestation that is severe leaves susceptible to a lot of bites. With enough blood loss it is possible to develop anemia.

Bed Bugs Are Invisible To The Naked Eye

Although it’s true thatbed bugs have been known to be a problem for a long time, theyaren’t the biggest problem in the region however, they aren’t the least invasive. Bed bugs can be seen with a magnifying lens or microscope. However, they are small and can be overlooked. The majority of the adult size of bed bug is about the dimensions of an apple. The offspring are smaller and usually blend into the surroundings.

Due to their tiny size, they could invade your home long before you realize there’s an problem. It is essential to recognize the indicators of a bed bug infestation, or you may have an issue that’s beyond control. Bed bugs are a common cause of illness. are:

  • Bloodstains on your clothing and sheets
  • Bite your skin exposed
  • Skins of bed bugs
  • The smell of musty in your home
  • The mattress may be stained by dark spots or the wall

When you first notice bed bugs, seek out professional help.

You Can Get Rid Of Bed Bugs On Your Own

In the case of Bed bugs, there’s not a diy (do your own) solution. Baking soda, essential oils and other over-the-counter remedies won’t get rid of every bed bug in your home. They may be able to kill a few of the adults, and leave an egg and nymph.

The only method to successfully get rid of bed bugs to effectively eliminate bed bugsfrom the home of yours is to hire an authorized professional. At Pittsburgh Pest Control, our technicians are trained on bed bug removal. We employ tried and tested methods to eradicate all bugs from your home. Contact us now by calling Pittsburgh Pest Solutions to learn more about our services and begin!

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