There is no way to stop certain disasters that affect homes from happening. But other disasters such as the occurrence of a rodent problem, are avoidable. By following a few basic guidelines, you can make certain that Pittsburgh rodents go away from your property completely. Find out how to stop these rodents from invading your home.

The Importance Of Rodent Prevention

Different kinds of rodents are commonly found in the homes of Pittsburgh. For instance, rodents sometimes seek the shelter they need and also food. Rats are also prone to doing similar things, but you’re not likely to find rodents and mice at the same spot simultaneously. Both of them are prolific breeders, meaning they can cause an infestation quickly.

Another rodent that is often overlooked in the local area can be the squirrel. While these rodents aren’t quite as fast to take over an entire home as mice and rats however, they are still a threat. They are able to gain access into your home via your attic , and then build a nest inside the walls.

If you’ve got a rodent in your house, you must be aware. Rodents in Pittsburgh pose a significant danger to your home. The first is the threat of disease. Rodents carry diseases via their urine and their feces. They can also trigger allergies, and may cause asthmatics to sufferer.

There’s also the possibility of property destruction. You can be certain that rodents can cause damage to your property. Once inside your house rodents are known to chew any object they find. The electrical wiring in your home could be the result of a rodent’s chew, which could result to an electric short, and possibly a house fire. Apart from sparking fires, rodents could cause hundreds to thousands of dollars to damage your property.

Tips For Being Rodent-Free

If you’re looking to steer clear of rodent problems, you should consider these tips for five easy steps:

1. Proper Food Storage

If you store your food items in tightly sealed glass or plastic containers, you will make your home less attractive to rodents. While they might chew on your containers, rodents can’t be able to locate the food easily and could even leave the food out in the open.

2. Proper Trash Storage

Your trash is full of food for rodents therefore, don’t let it go unattended. If you don’t have lids for your cans on it, visit the supermarket and purchase one. This, in turn, makes food less accessible and your home less attractive to rodents.

3. Declutter Your Home

If you have clutter in your home rodents aren’t short of nesting spots. They also have plenty of food scraps to eat. In your prevention of rodents remove furniture and other items which aren’t required. Keep your basement and attic free of clutter whenever is possible.

4. Clean Up Your Yard

A messy garden attracts any kind of wildlife including rats and mice. To make your home less appealing to rodents take care to clean up yard debris and trash piles. If there are trees around your house, cut the trees back so that it is more difficult for squirrels and rodents to climb up.

5. Seal Your Home

Find any weak points within your home, such as cracks around the plumbing pipes. Even tiny cracks could be opened by chewing them open and you must seal any crevice that is small. This can be done with the caulk gun or hiring a handyman for the work.

Work With Us

Do your efforts for rodent elimination be successful? There’s a possibility that rodents could still enter your home. For most effective results, consult an expert to ensure that rodents are not a problem. We at Pittsburgh Pest Control, we’re here to help. Our team is trained in all aspects of rodent elimination and prevention. We are here to keep these nefarious creatures from your home. For more information on how we keep up with our pest management program, contact us today.

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