We have a wide variety of ant pests living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It is not uncommon to see bugs scurrying about your driveway as well as at the entrance of your garage. It is normal to find the ants crawling on your deck back. It is also normal to see them entering your home. Although this isn’t something you would like to happen however, you may be wondering what you can do to be more concerned. Let’s discuss the ways in the way that insects in Pittsburgh may pose a danger to you or anyone within your home. We will also discuss the steps needed to control the ant problem.


The most obvious way in which ants are a danger to you is through getting in your trash and entering your food storage. Ants are often a channel for the spread of harmful bacteria. Some ants are more dangerous than others, however all ants can be a vector. If ants are gaining entry into your home, think about the protection of food items that are stored in cardboard, paper, or even thin plastic. This will help keep you safe from food poisoning, as well as influenza-like illness. The Pittsburgh ant pests solely recognized for this are the odorous ants on pavements, house ants, as well as Argentine the ants.

Identification The Identification is for the smallest insects. They are between 1/16 and 1/4 inch, based upon the type of. They are found in humid or moist areas and, most importantly in your food storage areas.

Property Damage

If ants enter your home and infiltrate your food, they typically aren’t a threat to your home. They make use of access points that are already there in your home, and if they choose to make a home for themselves they’ll can nest inside the hollows of your floors, walls and ceilings with no damage. Unfortunately, there is an ant species in our region that could cause damage to your home when it is inside. It’s known as the carpenter insect. If you are suffering from an infestation of carpenter bugs the ants could damage the wood in your home because they chew through wood and make galleries to aid in nesting.

Identification Carpenter ants are among the biggest insects that infest homes. They can grow up to 5/8 of an inch and they’re completely black, or mix of black and dark red. They can be identified through the sawdust-like substance they make as well as the holes they leave in the wood.


If fire ants enter the home of yours, they pose an apprehension of bites. It’s one thing to be apprehensive about them in your backyard however it is it is a different matter to have them inside your house. They pose a real danger. A bite of a fire ant may trigger an allergic response. Any person can experience this reaction, regardless of whether they’ve previously been bitten without any reaction. It is crucial to be aware of the particular danger fire ants pose for those who can’t escape them, including infants and the elderly.

Identification The fire ants have dark reddish brown in color. They are 1/8 to 3/8 inch long. They can be identified by the huge mounds they make in a backyard. If you notice mounds around your house, then fire insects could be the ones you’re fighting. If you are bitten with one or more of the ants you’ll never have to ask for a second if they’re fire bugs. You’ll know.

Mechanical Failure

If the pests that you’re dealing with are insane pests, they pose danger to cars and electronic equipment. These ants are attracted by mechanical objects. When they infiltrate your house thousands of them or even millions you’ll have problems.

Identification The sheer quantity of ants combined can be enough to know that you’re seeing insane insects. If ants that are crazy enter your backyard, it may appear as if it’s moving the soil.

Disease Threat

If Pharaoh is the name of those you’re dealing It is crucial to recognize that they may be a danger to health. They play a role in the spread of more than 10 pathogens.

How To Control Ants

The best option for controlling ants is to reach out to Pittsburgh Pest Control. We will help you recognize the ants in your area and offer the most effective ant control methods available. When you first notice issues with ants, speak to us. We can help.

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