Ticks are among the insects that you don’t want to be in the vicinity of the Pittsburgh house and your property. Apart from being unpleasant to look at, ticks are also a vector for various dangerous diseases. Identifying and prevention are essential to ensure your home is secure.

Identifying Ticks Around Your Pittsburgh Home

In Pittsburgh there are three major kinds of ticks that you could meet. Below are the three types of ticks along with the diseases that carry the risk of spreading

  • Brown Dog Tick typically reddish-brown to dark brown in appearance The brown dog tick usually lives on animals but is recognized for biting humans. It may transmit Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and ehrlichiosis.
  • American Dog Tick Dark brown in colour, American dog ticks will bite both animals and humans. They are widespread and be carriers of the two diseases Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Tularemia.
  • Soft-Bodied ticks Soft-bodied ticks are less invasive than other tick species , and vary from sandy-brown to dark brown and red-brown in shade. They are more rounded than other species of ticks and can carry Lyme illness, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever as well as tick-borne relapsing relapsing fever.

As a rule, ticks prefer to hide in damp, shady places. They are not a fan of being in the open or under direct sunlight. They prefer to hide in private areas like high grasses, walls of retaining, and shrubs.

Ticks move from one area to another an area through the act of questing. The tick will be sitting at the edge of grass or tall grasses, waiting for a person to move by. When the unaware pet or person is approached to the tick, it takes off. Then, they are able to be relocated to a new place with the host, or begin feeding.

If a tick decides to join the host, they’ll discover a skin-tighter area and then bite it. The longer mouthpiece of the tick extends through the skin to allow blood to accumulate for them to drink , and to prevent the easy removal. The longer a tick remains on your skin the greater the chance of transmitting disease.

Pittsburgh Tick Prevention Tips

Although a large tick population must be handled by the experts at Pittsburgh Pest Control However, there are a few strategies to prevent ticks that you can follow to keep ticks from getting into your home from the beginning:

  • Maintaining your lawn neat and your yard clear of any debris will help stop ticks from settling on your property initially. You might also want to address any leaks that may be present on the outside to stop the accumulation of moisture that can draw ticks.
  • Install gravel barriers to your yard around trees or thick vegetation. These barriers will deter ticks from getting into the area to set up their homes.
  • Be sure to apply tick-prevention treatments on your pet when they spend a substantial amount of time outdoors. This will prevent ticks from riding onto your pets and bringing them into your home.
  • Small mammals like squirrels and mice, as well as larger mammals such as deer are the most frequent habitats for ticks. Make sure you keep the creatures from coming into your property and prevent ticks from making a run close to your home.

Solving Your Tick Problem

If you’re experiencing an infestation of ticks in Pittsburgh Contact the experts with Pittsburgh Pest Control. We’re a family-owned company that offers a sustainable method of eliminating any evidence of ticks your home which gives you more assurance. For further advice and support contact us now by calling Pittsburgh Pest Control.

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