Animals and insects that have four legs are typically the primary focus when people seek the help of pest elimination. This is because such animals are the most likely to inflict harm on homes and businesses in Pittsburgh. A lot of them pose danger to buildings or the health of humans, since they are known to carry disease-causing bacteria or transmit diseases. Birds can also be alarming, but. The potential impacts of these animals and their numbers cannot be overestimated. It isn’t easy to control them due to their habitats. Learn how to stop pigeons from coming into your home and learn how Pittsburgh Pest Control can aid.

How Do Pigeons Look And Behave? What Are the Dangers?

Pigeons are typically around 11 inches longand weigh the average weight being 13 pounds. While they may differ in color, they generally are gray with an ethereal backside. Two feet in red and two wings that have black bars carry them moving around. A large black band is adorning their tail. The feathered animals are also known as rock doves. Pigeons are widespread across in the United States.

Humans are adversity in providing the pigeons with the ideal place to settle and build nests. These flying insects rely on us to provide these locations. They are attracted to landing and rest near areas of protection like steeples, structural voids and other similar. When they’re hungry, they’ll look for grains , mainly. Pigeons are known to rummage through leftover food items and trash bins. With this in mind, expect to see them in parks or feed mills, agricultural zones bridges, grain elevators and similar.

The pigeon mating cycle is ongoing throughout the year, but the peak occurs in the fall and spring. They will release a couple of eggs, but they will not hatch for more than two weeks. It may sound unappetizing, but adults feed their babies regurgitated food. The substance is known in the form of “pigeon milk.”

The most important problems that pest birds such as pigeons can cause are:

  • They also have an unsteady fecal matter is a danger to fall into.
  • The acid that could ruin a structure or the paint of a building is found in its disposal.
  • Their droppings could trigger fungal growth.
  • Toxoplasmosis as well as histoplasmosis and cryptococcosis, as well as salmonella are among the common illnesses.
  • Mites, ticks, fleas and lice might be found in their feathers.
  • They could cause damage to gardens, farms as well as fruit trees and dumpsters.
  • The fires can start when dryers get crowded and vents.

Is There a Way to Prevent Pigeons?

Given their behavior in the wild, it’s not uncommon to find pigeons in urban and rural locations. They are generally at ease around them and don’t seem to be scared of them. Most of the time the birds are not observed, or are actively monitored or fed for entertainment. They might be a day-to-day regular but it doesn’t mean you have to let them roam on the Pittsburgh property. Consider the potential dangers. To keep them from becoming cozy at your house, follow these things:

  • Repair the holes in vents, dryers, windows, foundations and rooflines immediately.
  • Get rid of standing water by regularly draining your swimming pool as well as pet bowls for water.
  • Take food sources off the lawn. Use bags that are airtight to store garbage.
  • Do not feed birds; they’ll be less likely to come back.
  • Covers or screens can be attached to all vents and louvers outside.

How Will Pittsburgh Pest Control Handle Pigeons?

We at the Pittsburgh Pest Control team employs safe and efficient techniques to keep pigeons away from your property. We will ensure that our treatment methods are safe for the pets or you. We begin by looking over the property. Then, we create a custom plan which incorporates stainless steel spikes birdnetting and exclusion wire mesh trapping wires, or perching wires. Our team is constantly working to enhance methods to control pigeons, which makes us well-known and efficient experts in bird control. Contact us today to begin!

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