Moths are a beautiful sufficient sight when they fly in the air around porch lights however once they get to indoors, the story is different. Pittsburgh Pest Control can help. If you see moths circling your home without a shadow, most likely they aren’t clothing moths. They don’t want any type of light and are rarely visible outside of dark areas. There is a common misconception that adult moths cause for causing damage to your clothes but in actual fact it’s the larvae that cause damage to moths that cause damage. The moths prefer to nest their eggs in dark sealed-off spaces that are stocked with food-your clothing, to take a bite out of. Fur, wool, silk down, cashmere and down are all acceptable to the moth on clothes as are pet dander as well as any animal-based products.

Larvae typically appear in a matter of weeks, and they can be feeding on your fabrics for several years or more. The damage is typically visible within a few months, and there are some leftover cocoons from larvae. Because they are averse to the bright lights, they seldom consume clothing that is taken out of closets and often worn rather than clothes that have been put away in boxes or bags for a time.

The best method to deter damaging moths is ensure that your home, and especially closet spaces, clean and tidy. Regular vacuuming can remove moth eggs prior to giving them an opportunity to hatch. Dusting removes dander and debris that they can feed on.

There are many moth-deterrent alternatives, each with its particular pros and pros and. Red cedar has become a well-liked option due to its natural oils that kill moth larvae. It will however only kill larvae that are young but not eggs or the moths that are older.

Mothballs and crystals for moths are also used frequently in the home, and although they are effective, but it’s important to keep in mind that they’re full of pesticides that could cause more harm than beneficial in the long term. Because mothballs and crystals emit a fumigant gas that can kill larvae and moths and further deter future pests They are best utilized in sealed containers instead of open closets. In addition, mothball and crystal odors can be overwhelming and difficult to get out of clothes.

Lavender is a tried and true method of keeping moths away in check. Sachets that are filled with lavender essential oil and lavender can be put in closets and then tucked away in drawers where moths could be a nest. The pleasant scent of the repellent will not kill moths or larvae already in the area but it is important to make sure that the areas are clean of bugs prior to applying this method.

When you’re storing clothing and coats to be used for winter, wash or dry-clean your items before packing them. The process will get rid of your clothing of eggs laid by moths, as well as food particles that can attract insects. Be aware that moths may get into restricted, but not necessarily protected areas and so it is recommended to use sealable plastic bags that can be resealed and plastic boxes for storing clothes. (If you’re worried over condensation concerns, you can wrap the items in cotton before wrapping them.)

If the moth problem becomes extreme, it could be the time to contact professional pest control services like Pittsburgh Pest Control. Although many extermination companies use toxic, cheap chemicals which put the health of your family at risk, our products are natural and suitable for the entire household. We focus on the tiniest, difficult-to-find places in which pests hide and reproduce, and then apply natural methods to eliminate your home of moths and their larvae , without harming your clothing. Our trained technicians are reliable and reliable, with continuous training that ensures only the highest quality of service.

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