From multifamily units to tiny family homes bed bugs are widespread throughout the Pittsburgh region. Bed bugs are a kind of parasitic pests that just recently returned to the limelight. The insects were virtually eliminated by a combination of fervent methods of pest control and insecticides in the early 1900s. When toxic chemicals were eliminated and bed bugs were eradicated, they started the slow process of getting back to dominance and dependence on humans. Bed bug infestations are among the most frequent pest issues throughout the state.

There are several ways to tell if you have the presence of bed bugs:

  • The sighting at 1/4-inch brown insect that is night-time in nature.
  • Spots of brown excrement or feeding blotches in red on couches or upholstery
  • Finding a heap of bed bugs ‘ exoskeletons close to windows or doors
  • A pleasant scent or a sour scent near bed bug hotspots

Infestations typically begin by a non-aware person picking the bug’s hitchhiker.’ They latch onto bags, luggage, and even clothing, before following their hosts home to start feeding. Hosts might feel itchy bites, insomnia, or anemia that stems from bed bug activity.

While it’s commonplace to believe that bed bugs are only found in the homes that are filthy, this belief is not true. Bed bugs can be found in homes at every level of cleanliness and aren’t afraid to invade even the cleanest of homes. This is why effective protection against bed bug infestations must begin with the prevention.

Prevent Bed Bugs With These Practical Tips

The bed bugs can be described as a type of pest that travels on hitchhike and often found in transportation facilities and other travel spots. This includes train stations, hotels airport terminals, train stations as well as bus stops. Other places in which bed bugs have taken up the residence of bed bugs are nursing homes and group housing.

Here are some useful ways to stop bed bugs from pursuing your at home:

  1. Examine for signs of bed bug infestation on furniture and other appliances. There might be food blotches, scents of sweetness around the item or perhaps an insect or two. If you spot any thing that is uncomfortable, think about not purchasing the object.
  2. Complete all cleaning-up that is required following holidays, wash all clothes clean, disinfect bags and dispose of all garbage. If you can clean and dry clothes using the most extreme heat setting.
  3. Be aware of the location you place your bags when you are in the bed bug hotspot. Place your backpacks and luggage on racks, and keep your bags away from the floor and on your lap when possible.

Despite all your efforts, it’s not always possible to control bed bugs on your own with no prevention. If you find that an infestation has made its through the interior of your Pittsburgh home, make a call at Pittsburgh Pest Control.

Pittsburgh Pest Control Will Make Your Pittsburgh House Bed Bug Free

As with other kinds of bugs that are found in Pittsburgh Bed bug control isn’t always 100% effective.. If you are concerned that bed bugs are present at your place of business or in your home do not hesitate to call the experts in Pittsburgh Pest Control. We make it simpler than ever before to manage bed bug infestations, offering solutions that include:

  • Canine Inspections
  • Heat Treatments
  • Traditional Liquid Treatments
  • Preventative Treatments
  • The Pittsburgh Pest Control Treatment Guarantee

We are Pittsburgh Pest Control, we are the ones to bring thunder to pest issues, no matter how small! Find out more about our services and the impact we create in you Pittsburgh home by contacting our team as soon as possible. We’re eager to assist you in becoming completely free of bed bugs!

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