Ants aren’t an issue if they appear on the street, but when you find them in your house, that’s very problematic. If you’re homeowners in Pittsburgh residents there are several species of ants that could attempt to get into your property, including:

Harvester Ants Like their name implies the ants that harvest “harvest” or collect seeds for their primary supply of nourishment. Although they might spend more time in your garden than inside your home, they don’t hesitate to sting you in the event that they feel you’ve got closer to their home.

Argentine insects With brown-colored, Argentine ants emit a musty smell when crushed. They reproduce faster in comparison to other species.

Odorous house insects The name of this ant species stems from the rotten coconut smell that they produce when killed. Odorous houseants love sweets and especially enjoy of making nests within wall voids close to moisture sources.

Fire insects The fire ants like to build large mound-like nests outdoors and they’re often referred to as extremely aggressive. If you are closer to their nests the ants could result in painful and repetitive painful stings.

Pavement insects Pavement ants prefer to make nests in cracks in concrete and pavement and aren’t picky about the kind of food they consume.

Carpenter insects: Carpenter ants could be particularly dangerous due to the fact that they cut through wood to build their nests. This can cause serious structural damage to structures and homes.

Although the majority of ants that you’ll see in your home will more likely be nuisances than dangers however, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have them. Here’s the things Pittsburgh homeowners need to be aware of about the ways and reasons the ants enter their homes, how to avoid them and what to do if you’re having a problem with ants.

How And Why Do Ants Come Inside Pittsburgh Homes?

The majority of insects that enter your house don’t come on purpose. They’ve been enticed by something and have come to investigate it. Like all bugs, ants are attracted to two factors: water and food. If you’re putting food out or you’re dealing with issues with moisture, like drains and faucets that leak there’s a greater chance of encountering the critters. They’re not the only problem, as the critters require hardly any room to gain access into your. For as small as they may be they will make use of the smallest crevices and cracks in your foundation and walls to gain entry to your house. Window or door screens could be another entry point.

How To Prevent Ants In Pittsburgh, PA

As perverse as the ants could be in getting into your home however, there are ways you can stop them from doing so, for example:

  • Remove their entry points by using a sealant such as caulk to rid yourself of small cracks and gaps around the foundation of your home and walls on the exterior. Also, you can make use of door sweeps and weatherstripping to fill in small gaps around doors and windows.
  • Don’t let trash and food in the open: Food scraps could attract ants the kitchen, it is important to store all food items in airtight containers, and then store it in your refrigerator or cabinet.
  • Look for signs of moisture problems Problems with moisture could be another reason to consider and you may not realize you have an issue. It’s recommended to check regularly for leaky drains, faucets or even flooded gutters.
  • Get rid of dirty dishes and tidy your home’s surfaces. Even crumbs or dirty dishes on counters could draw insects in, so it is not advisable to put these things on the counter for a long time.

The Most Effective Form Of Ant Control In Pittsburgh, PA

Although the measures mentioned above can be a good method to keep ants out but they’re not always enough especially if you have an existing ant issue. No matter if you’re dealing with an ant that is causing you trouble, such as the odorous house ants or a species that is more hazardous like the carpenter’s insect the most effective method of the control of ants is through a professional such as the ones we offer here at Pittsburgh Pest Control.

With years of expertise with us and a good reputation, we’ll be able to ensure that your Pittsburgh home pest-free and completely free of ants. If you suspect that you’ve got an ant issue you shouldn’t let it get worse. Call us today at Pittsburgh Pest Control today to learn more regarding our services for controlling ants.

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