It can be difficult to distinguish between cricket droppings and termite droppings. The distinction is important because one of the most destructive and destructive termites that is found in America discharges pellets of feces that appear like cricket droppings. For the untrained eye it is difficult to tell there is a difference between the poop of crickets or termites.

Discovering Cricket Droppings

Finding cricket droppings in your house isn’t an overwhelming issue. You must always employ pest control techniques to identify cricket droppings. If you spot droppings, you must close all entry points into your house. Contact reputable cricket control businesses or eradicate the problem yourself. Cricket droppings shouldn’t be overlooked.

The droppings of crickets are black in hue. They’re typically found in a spread-out heap while termite droppings tend to be located in a large pile of droppings. The cricket droppings dry quicker than termite ones, which makes it difficult to establish the length of the problem. Crickets aren’t a major risk to your health but it is suggested that you stay clear of the contact of their droppings and clean your hands in the event that you do come in contact with their droppings.

Crickets draw unwanted predators. When the population of crickets increases, it attracts predators like scorpions and spiders to your home. These predators pose a serious danger to you and your family.

Discovering Termite Droppings

The first indication of termite activity or infestation might be mud tunnels which often run along walls or wood or foundations. The insects are particularly attracted by damp wood, typically found in tunnels, basements, or in areas that have high levels of humidity. The tunnels are made by subterranean termites that often utilize their feces or frass as an element of the construction material for pellet-like tubes. In the Pittsburgh region, you’re not likely to see subterranean-type termites. These are known as Western Drywood termites, the most destructive termites, are located throughout Pennsylvania.

Drywood termite colonies often release grain-like pellets from a small gap on the exterior of the wood, and also within the termite galleries that are inside. The majority of these pellets tend to be located in small heaps close to or beneath infested wood. The pellet heaps are usually lighter than the cricket dropping piles. Drywood termite pellets can be an obvious sign of termite activity inside your home.

Frass, also known as drywood droplets may be different hues. It is largely based on the nature of the wood that the termites have eaten. It’s known that all the drywood droppings are six-sided.

Drywood termite feces look similar to wet ground coffee or beans mixed in sand. The termite fecal particles are rice-shaped and hard, with a long, elongated shape and generally smaller than 0.04 inches in length. The droppings aren’t toxic or unpleasant.

Immediately after they reproduce or swarm, and find an area to build a nest, they usually remove their wings. These tiny wings typically appear like fish scales that have been scraped and are usually stacked together in a frass like termite. In the same way, finding a pile of broken wings doesn’t necessarily mean that you are being swarming with termites. However, it could mean they are in close proximity. So, if you see wings near droppings of insects, it could be that the pellets are from termites, not crickets. Should you wish to know more about eliminating termites with environmentally friendly methods, check out the ” 5 Eco-Friendly Solutions for Termite Control” blog.

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The identification of insect droppings can help you know what dangers your home or family are confronted with. No matter what kind of bugs droppings you discover you must seek out a pest control expert. Pittsburgh residents can call Pittsburgh Pest Control to eliminate bugs. Pittsburgh Pest Control offers the most professional and effective termite removal as well as other plans for pest control. We we will set up a meeting to find out the pests in your home and then follow the proper steps to guard your home and family from the ravages of pests.

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