These guys are quick! Switch on the lights and they’ll be scurrying around so fast that you don’t have time to have a view of them. The most terrifying part is that the moment you come across one, you’ll be able to tell that there are many more hidden within your walls.

Description of Silverfish

Their name comes from the metallic silver hue and the fish-like form of their bodies. They are also referred to as Bristletails.

  • They don’t have wings.
  • The length is between 1/2 to 3/4 inches (not counting tails).
  • A flat body that resembles the shape of a fish or carrot that taper from head to rear.
  • A fine and delicate thread-like antennae.
  • Three sparkling tails.
  • Six legs.
  • Aversion to the brightness.

Silverfish typically reside in humid, humid spaces of your home such as basements, attics, as well as bathrooms. There have been reports of silverfish crawling up ceiling soffits, or falling from the skylights and lights in ceilings or emerging from the moldings.

Can They Harm My Family Or Pets?

They pose no threat directly for animals or humans. They aren’t a threat to bite or transmit diseases. However, they could cause harm to your property particularly anything made of paper. Silverfish are known as carb loaders. They love starchy and sweet foods, as well as any food which is cellulose-based. Which dishes are available?

  • Your magazines and books.
  • All kinds of collectibles made from paper like comic books, art work or paper mache-based sculptures.
  • Crafting tools.
  • Gift wrap that can be stored.
  • Food boxes, for example, cereal or pancake mixes.
  • Backstock of household products such as toilet tissue as well as paper towel.
  • Documents and files are filed.

They also feed on things like granola and flour. They are also recognized to consume dried glue and clothing.

Silverfish Are Elusive And Difficult To Eradicate

It’s not often that you’ll encounter these pests, they’re difficult to eliminate with commercial pesticides. When you think you’ve identified the entry point and have sprayed them with poison, they discover a solution. When they feel threatened it’s no issue to let them retreat and spend days without water or food. In your walls, on your floors, and even in your ceilings They have access to your entire home without being checked. Pittsburgh Pest Control gives the red light for Silverfish traffic and green light to provide quick, efficient service. We have a plan for service which will leave your home free of silverfish in a matter of minutes.

Tips To Prevent Silverfish Infestations

The expression “if you feed them, they will come” is exactly the opposite of what we are trying to achieve here. The aim is to starve them. If they have no motive to stay then maybe they’ll go home.

  • Store all dry food items in your pantry within sealed containers.
  • Clean your home regularly. When you use flour it is a floating substance in the air and then leaves a dusting on the surface of the food of the fish all across the house.
  • Remove any items that have adhesives from your home. It’s easier said than done We’ve seen it before.
  • Get rid of any food debris within your home. This is particularly important after eating.
  • Make use of caulking. Use caulking to cover holes, cracks or gaps to prevent silverfish from entering, and prevent them from laying eggs.
  • Get a dehumidifier. Are you in a humid climate? Reduce the humidity of the indoor environment. Insulate any room that is humid and warm. It’s your bathroom as well as your kitchen. Then, open the windows and doors and switch on the fans to eliminate humidity off the outside.
  • Remove piles of dead plants, brush wood, leaves, and brush. Clean the area surrounding your house of damp and fallen leaves. debris.

The best choice is to reach out to the experts to Pittsburgh Pest Control, and learn details about Pittsburgh Pest Control’s silverfish solutions for Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh region.

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