Although they’re not fish the silverfish (Lepisma sacchrina) are insects which move in the “fish-like” way and also have a scaly , scaly body. Silverfish have a wingless physique which is usually about 3/4 of an inch long antennae, six legs and six legs and can be seen in an very metallic grey or silver colour. In many areas of the United States silverfish are mostly night-time pests that are found in humid and warm climates.

Silverfish have a unique diet that typically comprises cellulose, sugars carbohydrates, as well as living as well as dead insect. If they are in a house they could eat flour and oats, as well as paper products as well as glue. Silverfish may harm wallpapers and books making tiny holes, and leaving staining that is yellowish.

It is fortunate that the silverfish do not pose real dangers for human beings and are usually considered to be a nuisance. Silverfish are incredibly fast and easily make into homes through small entrance points, which creates challenges in stopping access. Silverfish live a lifespan of about three years and females are able to lay a number of eggs every day. These eggs can mature within a few months.

What Is Attracting Silverfish Indoors?

Silverfish move inside to avoid colder temperatures or to search for sources of water and food. homes that have water leaks or that have recently been damaged by water are the most likely locations to attract silverfish. They are most likely to prefer damp or humid places in a house like below faucets that leak, inside laundry rooms or utility rooms, as well as damp crawlspaces or basements.

Tips For Preventing Intrusions

The most effective prevention methods are:

  • Make sure you fix plumbing leaks immediately and drip faucets. Keep basements and crawlspaces well-ventilated and apply a dehumidifier if needed.
  • Check the exterior around the structure’s foundation for cracks or holes that have formed and then fill them with a tough sealing agent or caulk.
  • Fill in any gaps that exist around utility passes-throughs as well as any which are within the frames of the windows or doors on the outside.
  • Take away any accumulations of debris or plants in the vicinity of the property’s outside.

Why Should I Seek Help From A Pest Extermination Professional?

A lot of Pittsburgh homeowners are able to spot an issue with pests and try to tackle the issue with the hands of their neighbors. In most cases, homeowners browse the internet for homemade solutions or buy do-it-yourself solutions from online retailers or local shops. Some of these items include Sprays, Granular Concentrates and traps, could have harsh chemicals, and could not be enough to eliminate severe infestations.

While they’re at it, pests could be reproducing and spreading their presence to different parts of the home such as hard-to-access spaces within the walls or crawl spaces. The most effective method of responding to these issues is to talk to an expert pest control service in your area who will conduct an inspection of the property. A professional with a license will have the experience and tools to complete the task effectively.

Licensed Pest Control Company In Pittsburgh

The group of highly trained experts who work with Pittsburgh Pest Controlhas several years of experience in assisting homeowners as well as business proprietors in this area who are confronted with infestations of bed bugs, ants or stinging insects, as well as many other insects that can be both annoying and risky. We are a full-service supplier of solutions for pest control We now employ some of the most recent treatments and products which include many that are eco-friendly. We work to ensure that we work in a way that is safe for our clients and their pets as well as the ecosystem around us.

A key ingredient in our success over the years is a dedication to provide unbeatable customer service and guaranteeing the workmanship we provide with the promise of customer satisfaction. Contact us now to arrange an inspection of your property and estimate.

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