Some pests are not able to withstand the harsh desert hot desert of Pennsylvania however cockroaches do. For Pittsburgh residents The most well-known kinds you’ll see are:

  • American Cockroaches: as the most invasive domestic roach, American cockroaches can grow as long as three inches and feature yellow marks on their heads.
  • German Cockroaches German cockroaches are usually identified by two horizontal black stripes that run behind their heads and the an tan color. These are the most frequent roaches that are found throughout US homes.
  • Oriental Cockroaches About the same size as American Cockroaches, Oriental roaches are glossy with blackish reddish bodies.
  • Brown-banded cockroaches They prefer spending in the in the outdoors, brown-banded roaches have become well-known for their lighter brown band that runs across their wings.
  • Turkestan Cockroaches: If their populations increase in summer, Turkestan cockroaches may wander inside. The cockroaches range from dark brown to black, and have been spotted with cream-colored marks on their bodies.

Regardless of which species you’re dealing with, cockroaches are built to survive in extreme conditions. Not only can these pests survive for up to a week without their heads, but they can even hold their breath for up to forty minutes underwater too.

Finding cockroaches in the vicinity of your Pittsburgh home isn’t a good idea. Find out more about how unsanitary these bugs are, how they’re difficult to eliminate and what actions you can take to keep them out.

How Unsanitary Are Cockroaches In Pittsburgh, PA?

Spiny antennas, twitchy legs can be enough to make any shiver However, cockroaches are far more unsanitary than people think. They spend a significant amount of time in places that are not clean. While they move between apartments or homes they can be found in drains, sewers and other places that permit them to get into the bloodstream of pathogens that are harmful to your health. Roaches might even make use of sewer lines to enter your home. Once inside, they’ll infect your home with any pathogens or bacteria they’ve ingested on their journey.

Cockroaches are typically associated with bacteria such as staphylococcus, salmonellosis, and streptococcus. While cockroaches’ scratches on their spiny legs can spread the pathogens, they can also infect kitchen surfaces or food items. Apart from being carriers of bacteria, the enzymes found in the saliva of roaches, skin scraps, and even their droppings can cause asthmatic or allergic reactions for some people as well.

Why Are Cockroaches So Difficult To Get Rid Of In Pittsburgh, PA?

Because of the dangers to health they pose, no home owner is going to want the cockroaches at their house – however, these insects are harder to eliminate than they appear. They are skilled in locating hiding places. They can hide in the crevices and cracks in your house, and because they are more active during the night, their presence may be hidden for long periods of time.

Many homeowners don’t even notice insects crawling around their houses until the problem has increased in size. Since they reproduce rapidly they will continue to increase the longer it’s left untreated. German Cockroaches, as an example are known to lay up to forty-eight eggs per day. If you do manage to find an infestation, many over-the counter remedies aren’t very effective. It is possible to eliminate a portion of the infestation, however, the remaining roaches will move on and may even develop resistance to pesticides.

Because of this, the elimination of cockroaches is best left to experts, such as the team here from Pittsburgh Pest Control. We don’t just focus on green treatment methods however, our work isn’t finished until your home is free of cockroaches. If you’re finding evidence of cockroaches, it’s no time to wait Call us today toll-free at Pittsburgh Pest Control for more information on our services for removing cockroaches..

How To Prevent Cockroaches In Your Pittsburgh, PA Home

Effective cockroach control involves taking preventative, active measures to keep roaches out like:

  • Make sure to store leftovers in airtight containers. Also, keep your garbage bins sealed.
  • Don’t let dirty dishes sit over night and then clean the kitchen surfaces.
  • Take care of moisture-related issues such as leaky faucets or other plumbing problems immediately after you spot these issues as soon as you notice them.
  • Remove any entrance points and seal gaps and crevices in the foundation of your home.
  • Vacuum frequently and clean up areas in your home which could provide roaches with places to hide.
  • Clear your yard of debris that could give roaches protection on your home.

In case you’re not sure, call an expert at Pittsburgh Pest Control for assistance in preventing and eliminating infestations of cockroaches, and other general home pest control options.

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