Apart from the loud chirping sounds crickets produce and their chirping, this insect can spread some diseases or cause harm for you and your Pittsburgh house. It is essential to know about crickets and the issues they can cause so that you can prevent infestation.

The Problems With Crickets

Home crickets are the most often observed kind of cricket found in Pittsburgh homes. They typically have lighter brown or grey-brown with cylindrical bodies, round heads and extremely noticeable hind legs. Crickets are night-time creatures, which is the reason why the famous sound of chirping – only heard by male crickets in the course of mating songs – is the most apparent during the night or early in the early morning.

In general, crickets infest homes in the winter months because they’re looking for warmth, moisture, and shelter, however it is also possible to find the pest all year long. Their favorite places to hang out include basements, kitchens bathrooms, and in the vicinity of heaters.

While having crickets around your home might appear as a harmless problem for a majority times however, these bugs could bring more significant or troublesome issues.

  • The most prevalent and bothersome issues, an infestation of crickets can cause an incessant amount of sound to your house as male crickets chirp throughout the at night. As the population grows it will increase in volume and frequency.
  • While crickets aren’t likely attack human beings, the waste they produce could be carriers of diseases like E. Salmonella and E. Consuming food items that have come in contact with crickets could increase the risk of skin sores or stomach discomfort.
  • In your home, they are likely to cause damage through chewing things. They are attracted by the fibrous keratin present in furniture and fabrics. The more crickets are in your house, the more widespread the chewing injury is likely to be.

Cricket Prevention Tips

To prevent a problem with crickets from growing out of control There are several preventive strategies you can employ to protect your home from crickets. Pittsburgh home:

  • Crickets are attracted by humid conditions, particularly in areas that are dark. Take care to fix any leaks that occur inside or outside of your property. Pay particular to areas like bathrooms as well as kitchens, basements, and bathrooms. Clean up spills promptly and make sure that all areas of your home are ventilated properly.
  • Examine doors, windows, and weather stripping to find potential entry points. You should seal any cracks. Repair any the holes in door and window screens, and also insulate windows to make sure there aren’t any large gaps that crickets can enter through.
  • The lighting outdoors is often a magnet for insects, and if need to use it in your home you might want to purchase bugs with amber lights, or even a motion-activated lighting.
  • In your home, clean carpets and rugs regularly to eliminate any evidence of cricket eggs or waste from cricket.
  • Make sure you ensure that your outdoor garbage containers are securely sealed because open containers could attract crickets.
  • Maintain your lawn’s trim and trim tall grasses to the point that crickets don’t have area to hide on your property.

Keeping Crickets Out of Your Pittsburgh Home

The best method to ensure that crickets are not in your home is to establish maintaining a relationship with professionals from Green Pest Control. Pest Control They use eco-friendly products to eliminate a pest infestation or assist you in preventing any from occurring altogether. Create your home into the insect-free zone again!

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