Bed bugs are a real nightmare for Pittsburgh. If you’ve been through with this problem, we’re certain you’re not going to want to go through the same issue the next time around. But how can you keep bed bugs from infiltrating your home? Bed bugs are crawling insects which you can find in an astonishing variety of locations. If you don’t get them up and take your home to them, then they may be brought into your home by your children or your extended family members and your neighbors as well as anyone else who comes to your house. It’s not easy to eliminate bed bugs. But there are plenty of alternatives. Let’s review prevention methods that are the most efficient strategies that are available, ranked from the least effective to the most efficient.

Essential Oils

While essential oils won’t keep bed bugs out of your home or drive them out of your home, they can keep bed bugs from getting into your luggage. If you go on a trip, consider spraying your luggage with lavender or peppermint. You can even spray a little on yourself to keep bed bugs from biting you. But keep in mind that hungry bed bugs will put up with the smell to get a blood meal. You can also store your luggage and bags in sealed plastic bags to keep bed bugs out. But, of course, this is a hassle.


It’s an excellent idea to conduct an inspection every time you’re far from home even at the residence of a family member. Pests like bedbugs can be present in homes for months without being discovered. It is also important to inspect rooms that are dark and where you’re likely to relax, sit and lying. Movie theaters are an excellent illustration. Bed bugs may be a nuisance while you are watching a film. They may also deposit eggs on your clothing or inside a pocketbook. Utilize a flashlight or flashlight on your phone to look for:

  • A black or dark fecal spots
  • Bloodstains that have dried brown
  • Shed insect skin
  • Tiny white eggs

Bed bugs can be found at every stage in development. (These insects vary by size from one millimeter to 4.5 millimeters in length. They can be light brownish-red, tan or brownish. If a bed bug been a victim of a recent blood meal, it’ll be red in the abdomen. If it didn’t eat in the past, you may notice bloody feces in its abdomen.)

Check Used Items

If you buy a secondhand mattress or couch, box spring chair, electronic device or any other piece of furniture with seams, wrinkles or a gap it, be sure to look for the warning signs mentioned above. The most important thing to avoid when purchasing a lightly used piece of furniture is to also be afflicted with a mildly used bed bug infestation.

Protect Laundry Items

If you are away from your house or home environment for any amount of time, you’ll be sure be able to find dirty clothes to wash. Bed bugs love the smell of your skin’s oils and the laundry items. Place your laundry in sealed plastic bags to stop insects from getting in your clothes as well as from laying eggs on your clothing.

Launder Your Items

Bed bugs can be found in clothing. It’s not as challenging, but it occurs. It’s an excellent idea to wash all clothes in the hot washer and dryer cycle. This kills bed bugs at all stages of development.

General Tips

Bed bugs can be found at school, work and public places, as well as public transportation, and a myriad of other locations. Here are some general tips for preventing bed bugs:

  • Watch out for warning signs, such as the black feces, brown spots white eggs, or shed skins.
  • Be on the lookout for signs of bed bugs. Although bed bugs aren’t averse to show up in sunlight, you may spot one in a bedding item or in the crevice of a seat, or under the cushion of a seat, etc. Find out how to identify the bed bug and its Nymphs.
  • Be on the lookout for anyone with a few bumps that are accompanied by an itchy rash. These could be bed bugs bites.
  • Do not store clothing or bags close to the clothing and bags of other people.

How A Professional Can Help

We are Pittsburgh Pest Control, we provide two methods by which you can actively stop bed bug infestations.

  • We have mattresses with special features that are immune against bed bugs. We sell them at a reduced price.
  • We provide canine exams. Canines have a keen sense of smell. They can be used to sniff out weapons, drugs ammo, blood at an incident scene and many other. Our trainers employ dogs to detect bed bugs and the dogs are extremely adept in this. There’s no better way to catch bed bugs early and avoid an outbreak than routine inspections by dogs.

Bed Bug Control In The Pittsburgh Area

If you’re in Pittsburgh and are in our service region. We offer the best level of service of bed bugs.. Get in touch with us today to get immediate help.

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