After a tiring, long day at work, we can’t wait to get out of our boots and indulge in delicious food. There is nothing that spoils the long-awaited dinner like the sight of ants crawling across your counters, over your stove, or within your sink. The vibrant city of Pittsburgh situated right in desert, is not a guarantee of your security from these creatures, and in reality, Pittsburgh has multiple house intruders.

Common Ant Species In Pittsburgh

Six ants are believed to be found in the Pittsburgh region. They are fairly simple to recognize since they possess distinct bodily parts that include the head, thorax and abdomen, each with six legs as well as a pair of bent antennae. They can vary in both color and size (from one-in-20″ to 1/2″). To recognize invading ants within the Pittsburgh area, you should consider these factors:

  • Southern Fire Ants Color is reddish yellow with yellow head and thorax , as well as an abdomen that is black (they could also be yellowish-red or brownish black). They typically make small nests or areas of loose soil close to water.
  • The Harvester Ants The color ranges from orange-red to, or brownish-black. They eat the vegetation around their nests, which can result in bare spots on your backyard.
  • Carpenter Ants The color is either red black, black or a mix of the two. They are nest builders and are able to chew through the materials to build nests.
  • The odorous house insects The color is usually black or brown. They aren’t mound builders. They are builders who build using existing structures.
  • Rover Ants: Color ranges from black, dark brown and then to pale blonde. Adults with wings and foraging animals prefer to nest in urban areas.
  • Pavement Ants Color is deep brown, with black to dark. It is attracted to areas with limited vegetation, such as pavement cracks, and underneath stones.

How To Handle An Ant Infestation In Your Pittsburgh Home

Ants are social insects that are social. They usually live in the soil and build colonies underground; However, there are some that are opportunistic creating nests in already-existing zones. Wherever they establish their home there are always invaders. Colonies can span between 100+ employees with one queen, to huge colonies of 10,000+ people with several queens. They feed on animals, insects, seeds as well as grease and dairy products. Their most-loved food is sweet and sweet. The majority of ants want moisture. They can be found inside your home may build nests in walls, in insulation around heaters and hot water pipes beneath sinks, in kitchens and bathrooms as well as behind cabinets and under your flooring. Nests outside are created by moist soil branches of leaves, trees woodpiles, garbage piles. Pests from outside can ruin your lawns, ruin those picnic days, or can disrupt your playtime with biting or stinging.

How Pittsburgh Residents Can Prevent Ant Invaders

Ants are not known to be responsible for damaging structures, but certain species can cause structural damage through their tunneling. The majority of them are nuisance. They are not known to transmit diseases however they may contaminate food items and transmit bacteria. Ant prevention can be extremely challenging. A few suggestions for prevention are:

  • Make sure your house is clean. Ants have a great appetite for everything delicious inside your home. It is essential to seal food items in a proper manner and to keep surfaces spotless.
  • Get rid of sources of moisture and standing water.
  • Make sure that branches and other plants are removed from your property.
  • Seal (with the silicone-based caulk) cracks, or small holes on the underside of doors or around windows.
  • Building materials and firewood should be kept out of the house.

Combating infestations is an overwhelming task. Finding the ants, their sizes of colonies, and the locations they’re hiding can be difficult. The over-the counter solutions are plentiful however they could have dangerous consequences. Homeowners who utilize over-the-counter remedies could win the war against ants, but If you don’t remove the queen, they’ll return!

Pittsburgh Pest Control Can Fight Ants For You

Pittsburgh Pest Control has been helping the residents from Pittsburgh in the city since. With the help of Pittsburgh we can assist you in identifying the source of the problem, as well as provide reliable and safe options to get rid of ant problems both inside and outside. Pittsburgh Pest Control offers solutions to be safe for you and your family and tailored to meet the requirements of your pest problem. Contact us today to get a no-cost estimate and a home inspection.

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