What are you aware of mice? We’re willing to wager that you’re aware of a lot even if you’ve never dealt with a problem caused by mice. There are chances that you’ve seen mice in films. They may have appeared in commercials. Perhaps you grew as a child watching cartoon mice. If this is the only experience you’ve had then you might be in awe when these tiny furry rodents invade you Pittsburgh residence. We’ll provide a few details about mice that can assist you in getting the rodents from your house and keep the mice out.

Mice Are Motivated By Food

Do you know that a mouse eats 15 to 20 times a day? Sure, it doesn’t eat a lot at each sitting, but it is constantly looking for a meal. In laboratory studies, mice have been observed entering a torpid state with as little as seven hours of fasting. This is a low-energy state that shares many similarities with hibernation. If mice didn’t have this ability, they would starve. What does this have to do with mouse control? If you protect food sources and deep clean your home to remove food sources, you may be able to drive mice out. At the very least, you’ll stunt population growth and that is definitely a good thing. The more mice you have in your home, the more problems you’re going to have.

Mice Chew

Most of us are aware that mice chew but do you really know how much they chew , or what they are chewing on? The incisors of a mouse don’t stop expanding. They must file their teeth to avoid injury. That’s why they’re always chewing on bark, wood and other hard organic substances. Within the home rats can be danger to your security since they’re often found chewing on wires as well as gas pipes. But, before they make it inside your home, they’ll make use of their teeth to chew through the building materials. If you’re trying to stop an infestationor stop the spread of an infestation, you’ll need be aware of the areas that mice hunt for.

  • Wood that is rotting
  • Frames for windows and doors
  • Door sweeps and weatherstripping
  • Vents
  • Louvers
  • Soffits and eaves
  • The seals that surround roof penetrations

Mice Squeeze Through Small Holes

Are you aware that a mature mouse can pass into a hole about the size of one dime? The human body may be up to 3 1/4 inches in length, it won’t require a hole this big to enter your home. If it’s able to put its head into the hole, it could accommodate the remainder of its body inside that. If you are thinking about sealing gaps and cracks on your exterior be aware of this.

Mice Climb

Are you aware that a mouse can reach the top of some surfaces similar to Spiderman? It’s amazing to watch but can be troubling to think about the consequences. The ability of climbers can assist them to access entry points in high places on your exterior walls. Be aware of this when you work to secure your home from intrusion.

Once a mouse has reached the roofline, it will not go any further. They aren’t able to traverse the horizontal surface and go over your roofline. However, they don’t need to. Mice could get inside your downspouts and then climb into your gutter system in order and reach your roof. It is possible to stop this from happening by installing wire mesh in your downspouts.

Mice have another method to climb onto your roof and gain the entry points. They are able to climb trees, slide through branches, and then leap into your roofing. Cut branches away from your roofline in order to stop this.

When Mouse Control Products Are Needed

You can achieve a lot by eliminating food sources and sealing the exterior of your house. If you include the maintenance of your exterior that includes taking away leaves, stacked wood or lush vegetation, water source and other attractants for mice You can take control of a mouse problem without the use of a single mouse control product. It gets difficult when food sources cannot be removed , and entry points cannot be sealed correctly. If you require products to control the problem It is advised to seek out a licensed professional. There are a variety of ways that baits, traps and other products could cause more problems. A prime example is an animal chewing its legs off in order to escape a trap only to end up dying within the wall. This is not a safe scenario.

Professional Mouse Control In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Are you experiencing problems with mice? Get in touch with us here by calling Pittsburgh Pest Control. Our experienced and licensed technicians are aware of the necessary steps to eliminate mice. We can help you get those mice away and keep them out. Get in touch with us now for help.

At The First Sign Of Carpenter Ants

If you reside in Pittsburgh If you live in Pittsburgh, call Pittsburgh Pest Control when you notice warning evidence of carpenter ants. This is an important pest control issue that needs to be taken care of in the shortest time possible. If untreated carpenter ants could cause much damage. Contact us today for help.

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