The first step to get free of these beetles involves recognizing that you have a carpet beetle issue. It’s difficult to determine if that you’re dealing with carpet beetles if you don’t know what they appear like. This isn’t just about shape or color. It is easy to do an image search and discover the insects that are black, fiery orange , white and brownish yellow. They are also the black-white combination, and simply black. They also have a pill or oval shape. However, after taking a look at the images above however, it’s difficult to find carpet beetles in Your Pittsburgh home. Why? because carpet beetles are tiny. A carpet beetle with a variety of colors, Anthrenus verbasci is about one-quarter of an inch in length. If you are aware that it is spotted with the brown black, yellow and white coloring but it’s difficult to discern the pattern of coloration, given its size. It is also possible to not recognize that you have an infestation of carpet beetles when you discover their larvae. Carpet beetle larvae don’t look like beetles. They’re hairy grubs that seem a similar to caterpillars. If you are able to sort all this out and find that you, in fact possess a carpet beetle invasion within the interior of your Pittsburgh residence You can follow these suggestions to take rid of them.

Step One: Check All Your Screens

If you have success getting control of carpet beetles, the last thing you want is new beetles to come in and replace the ones you’ve eliminated. Do a detailed inspection of all your exterior door and window screens. Many rips and holes can be patched up. There are helpful videos on the internet for doing this. Be sure to check the seal around your screens. Carpet beetles can get past your screens by going through the gaps where your screen frames connect with your door and window frames. Also inspect your vent exhausts and cover the openings with screen material if necessary.

Step Two: Clean Infested Clothing And Fabric

If you notice evidence of carpet beetles on your clothes You must clean and dry whatever you can before sending dry, clean items for cleaning. This will get rid of carpet beetles from your clothing. The same with sheets, curtains blankets, and other textiles. After you’ve completed this place them in plastic containers that have been sealed up until the carpet beetle problem has been dealt with completely. This will help protect them and stop the carpet beetles living in your home from becoming an opportunity to eat.

Step Three: Remove Significant Food Sources

Rugs and clothing aren’t the only areas where carpet beetles could lay eggs or larvae could be found eating. Be aware of these, and deal with those that apply to your particular situation.

  • Carpet beetle larvae like the smell of lint. They can get into you laundry space.
  • Carpet beetle larvae consume dead insects. If you find any on your porch or an attic, you should clean them up.
  • Carpet beetle larvae can make their way into bee, wasp bird and rodent nests. Eliminate any nests that are in or close to your home.
  • Carpet beetles consume spider webs. Eliminate them from any space that you are able to enter.

Step Four: Address Taxidermy

Do you own taxidermy products? Carpet beetles feed off these items and can cause severe infestation. Place the items in the refrigerator for 14 days, to ensure that there aren’t any carpet beetle larvae or eggs remain.

Step Five: Vacuum And Steam Clean

If you own a carpet that is being attacked carpet beetle larvae, then you might be able to eliminate them using steam. For general control of carpet beetles make sure you vacuum your carpet frequently to get rid of eggs. This could dislodge and then suck up larvae too.

Step Six: Pest Control

It isn’t easy to control carpet beetles once they have gotten into specific areas like furniture, cushions, pillows or in wall gaps. If your problem is not easy to control by following the methods of control listed above, consult an expert.

If you reside in Pittsburgh contact Pittsburgh Pest Control for the elimination of beetles in carpets. We utilize EPA approved products and the latest most effective methods for getting rid of carpet beetles throughout the phases of their development. We can assist you to get rid of these harmful pests.

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