Although some birds on you Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania property could be beautiful to see, pigeons aren’t very well-behaved. They can cause a lot of problems for property owners , and can be quite an annoyance.

How Pigeons In Pittsburgh Are More Dangerous Than You Think

Since the pigeons are frequently seen in the city and suburbs, they usually disappear in the background. Most people do not even observe them at all. However, if pigeons begin to settle at your home, they could be a source of health hazards and other problems.

This article will help you find out how to spot pigeons, and what you can do if you find the birds in your yard.

What Do Pigeons Look Like?

Pigeons aren’t too difficult to identify and most people have an notion of what they appear like. They are generally greyand have streaks of black on wings feathers, and have other designs. The heads of these birds also have feathers that appear like blue, green, or purple. They can grow up to 11.25 inches high and weigh approximately 10-13 pounds.

What Makes Pigeons So Dangerous?

One of the primary reasons that pigeons cause such an issue is one word that is Feces. The droppings of pigeons can pose a problem for both business and home owners since the droppings could be a source of damage to the walls of machinery or buildings. They also pose dangerous for health as they may cause the release of a fungus called histoplasmosis, which can trigger symptoms such as fever and chest pain.

Although most people are aware that it is not advisable to pick or touch up pigeons since they may be unsanitary, the dangers to your health can also exist when you do not get close to them. It is therefore recommended to contact a pest control professional to get rid of pigeons as soon as you see they are around.

The Simple Way To Get Rid Of Pigeons

If you’ve found birds nesting on you Pittsburgh property, let the experts from Pittsburgh Pest Control take this issue from here. Pigeons can be difficult to get rid of because they are able to move and settle in difficult to reach locations. It’s not advised to try DIY methods to rid yourself of them. You’ll typically waste your money and time with no results.

Instead, let us manage these birds that are a nuisance. We provide the following residential or commercial pest management plans that help you deal with pigeons as well as other birds that cause trouble in the vicinity. We also offer free estimates, so call us now for more information.

Tips To Keep Pigeons From Nesting

If there aren’t any pigeons in your property There are a few easy actions you can take to stop birds from nesting. You must take these guidelines:

  • Install spikes and nets on roofs decks, eaves, and eaves to prevent pigeons from allowed to land.
  • Other things like scare balloons and plastic owls could to deter birds like pigeons. The loud sounds and the reflective light could also confuse birds and prevent birds from nesting.
  • Beware of feeding pigeons. Also, take away any bird feeders on the property. Keep pet food kept indoors with sealed container.
  • Always put lids on your trash containers and take away any garbage from your yard.

If you need more information or help regarding pigeons at Pittsburgh, contact the experts by calling Pittsburgh Pest Control.

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