Pest control is essential for any homeowner. Even homeowners who are diligent about pest control, they can still be infested by mice and other pests. Every Pittsburgh property owner needs to understand how infestations of mice start and what you can do about them.

House Mice are a very common pest

Although mice are tiny pests and are known to be the most invasive rodents in the area, they can still invade homes as easily as ants or smaller insects like ants. Mice can easily find entry points to a house or dig their way into it. They also know where food and shelter is located. Mice aren’t just annoying pests. Mice can be dangerous pests and bring diseases and germs into your house.

What Attracts Mice and How They Get In

You must first understand the reasons and how they enter your home to avoid inviting them in. If there was no reason to want in, they wouldn’t spend the time and effort creating access points or finding them. These reasons for mice include shelter from predators and food. These are all good reasons for mice to seek shelter indoors and will make use of any openings that may be available. Mice can make a small crack in a wall or create a gaping entry by their digging and biting. They will often nest within walls or under floorboards once they have gained access to them. The most important thing to remember is that mice will often seek out nesting areas outdoors. They can find a way into your home if it gets too cold. To avoid any mouse problems, you should conduct routine inspections of your house, both inside and outside.

House Mice Prevention For Your Pittsburgh Home

There are so many places they can use and access points they could use, so mice prevention is all about reducing attractants and addressing access points. These are the top ways homeowners can decrease their chances of being attracted to mice.

  • Food Storage: Mice are able to smell food far away so items left out or crumbs that accumulate will look like an open sign to rodents.
  • Trash Storage: Mice don’t just want the food in your pantry. Mice can also be found in trash cans and dumpsters so make sure your bins are well covered and not too full.
  • Crack sealing: They can make a small crack into a large one. You should inspect your exterior regularly for flaws and repair them as soon as they occur.

Pittsburgh Pest Control is More Than Just Traps

These methods may help reduce the risk of pest infestations. However, they are still able to survive on the leftovers from our daily activities. Partnering with pest professionals is the best way for you to ensure that mice don’t invade your home. Don’t spend money on traps or baits if rodents are already an issue. Pittsburgh Pest Control will keep your home free from mice for prompt and complete removal. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you.

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