What’s your first reaction when you come across wasps? Are you able to turn and go back the way that you came? Do you feel numb and hope it will leave you on your own? Maybe you’re not scared of wasps, and you’re okay with passing by one as you don’t seem like it’s trying to cause harm to you. However you feel about wasps, there is one thing that will always be the same the sting of one of these pests can be painful. It is a matter of how severe is it and, beyond the discomfort, are there permanent effects from wasp bites? To address these concerns here are a few aspects to take into consideration regarding Wasps and their stings in Pittsburgh.

What Wasps Live In Pittsburgh?

Pittsburgh is the home to many kinds of wasps. The three most frequent wasps that we have in our area comprise yellow paper wasps Navajo paper wasps as well as Pennsylvania paper wasps. The less common species include Cicada killers, tarantula hawks as well as weevil wasps and yellow jackets. The wasps all have features in common, like their pinched middle sections and two wings. Size and color are completely depend on species.

Which Wasp Sting Hurts The Most?

Every wasp’s sting hurts. It is a matter of which one is the most painful? Pittsburgh is the home of one of the worst wasps of North America. They are referred to as tarantulas which means they are huge and frightening. The typical tarantula hawk measures 2 inches in length and features a an iridescent dark blue body and bright orange wings and legs that are long. Being recognizable isn’t the only advantage this insect provides. A sting caused by one of these pests is estimated at a fraction less than an ant bullet in the spectrum of pain. If you’re not aware that, the ant’s bullet is one of the worst stings of all on the world. If you’ve ever been bitten by any of these pests, get medical attention right away, as symptoms can be extremely severe and even life-threatening. With this in mind the fact that tarantula hawks do not appear to be widespread in our area, and the odds of making a home in your home are very slim.

Are Common Wasp Stings Dangerous?

The average wasp poses no an issue for humans on average. If you do not suffer from any allergy to insect venom, and you are affected by a paper wasp or cicada killer or yellow jacket, the symptoms will be mild and you will experience a some to moderate amounts of pain that will diminish in a matter of days. If you’re allergic insect venom however it is possible that a sting from wasps could cause serious harm to your health. To determine if you have an allergy to the bugs you should consult your doctor.

Five Ways To Deter Wasps From Your Property

  1. Remove newly-formed wasp nests that haven’t been to the size of the size of a golfball. Do this in the morning and after they have gone to the ground.
  2. Find berries and fruits that fall in your backyard.
  3. Clean up properly after outdoor gatherings, and be sure there aren’t any leftovers of food or drinks exposed to the elements.
  4. Be sure to keep drinks and plates of food covered during organizing outdoor gatherings.
  5. You might want to consider removing flowering and blooming plants from your yard.

What To Do If Wasps Build A Nest On Your Property

If you see a wasps home on the property, and you are sure it’s too big to manage by yourself, get help from the experts from Pittsburgh Pest Control. Our highly-trained team of pest experts has the latest tools and safety equipment required to efficiently eliminate wasp nests from homes.

Contact us now If you have any concerns regarding our services or the pests we control.

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