While the presence of a living creature in your home could be disturbing, it’s even more dangerous if you’re dealing with an invasive species.

Spider Types In Pittsburgh

For Pittsburgh residents there are a couple of typical (but safe) species that could infest your home:

  • Daddy-Long-Legs: Popular for their long legs daddy long-leg spiders don’t pose dangerous to humans. They tend to feed on dead insects and other plant matter.
  • House Spider The name of the species suggests the term “house spider” is usually found in homes, but they’re a danger to insects and bugs which could also be found inside your home.
  • Wolf Spider Though their massive size can be scary but wolf spiders are quick-moving hunters , and they don’t usually attack humans, and aren’t considered to be dangerous.
  • Garden Spider: It’s no surprise that you’re likely to see garden spiders chasing their prey in your garden , or other flowers Sometimes, however they’ll sneak into your home.

Alongside the species above, Pittsburgh also has a number of dangerous spiders to be concerned about. Here’s what you should be aware of when separating an aggressive spider from an innocent one, and what you can do if you’ve problems with spiders at your house or property.

Are There Dangerous Spiders In Pittsburgh?

It’s not obvious that all spiders have two fangs and venom even the harmless ones. The fangs and venom glands enable spiders to hunt down and take out prey. In Pittsburgh there are only two species that are considered to be dangerous enough to frighten humans The white widow, and brown recluse.

How To Identify Dangerous Spiders In Pittsburgh

If you’re a Pittsburgh people, it’s vital to differentiate a potentially dangerous spider from a harmless. While harmless spiders might bite when they sense threatened the bite of the brown recluse or black widow demands immediate medical care.

Of the two species, the black widows are the easiest to recognize because of their glossy black bodies, and the signature red hourglass-shaped bellies. Brown recluses are more likely to be confused. It is easy to identify the brown recluse spider from the dark-brown bodies as well as the pattern of violins of their cephalothorax. Brown recluse spiders have six eyes. Spiders that have eight eyes are often mistakenly identified as brown recluse.

If you suspect you’ve been bit by the black widow or brown recluse spider you need to seek medical attention immediately. Black widows release a potent poison that can affect the nervous system, whereas brown recluse bites could cause tissue death.

What To Do If You Have Unwanted Spiders In Your Pittsburgh Home

No matter if it’s a hazardous or non-harmful species any issue with spiders is one that isn’t wanted. If you’re always spotting spiders in your house or you’ve found the brown or black widow infestation in your home It’s not a good idea to eliminate the critters yourself and leave it to experts like the ones at our team with Pittsburgh Pest Control.

Our skilled professionals are able to help you get back in control over your Pittsburgh property and home. We employ environmentally-friendly safe and efficient methods to get rid of spiders and the prey that they are hunting. If you suspect you’re having problems with spiders, get in touch with our team via Pittsburgh Pest Control for assistance with your pest-related issues.

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