*Chirp–Chirp–Chirp–* A cricket is inside your home again, but where? It’s unclear what brought him in or why he picked your home to be haunted by his high pitched scream however, he’s there now and it’s not to be going anywhere anytime very soon. The only hope you have of getting a restful night’s sleep is to hunt down an effective way to kill, catch, or capture then release this annoying soundmaker. If you’ve had to deal with this type of situation within you Pittsburgh home, you are aware of how problematic the noisy pests can be. To assist you in avoiding crickets in the perimeter of your Pittsburgh home Here are a few tips to know.

What Is A House Cricket?

House crickets are not any cricket that is allowed to enter the home of a homeowner. It is a distinct species of cricket that infiltrates homes more often than other crickets. The yellowish-brown critter is between 3/4 and 7/8 ” long, with wings, and can be identifiable by the dark crossbands that cover its head. The distinctive chirping sound common with these insects is made by males to lure a female.

Why Do Crickets Invade Homes?

House crickets are primarily the diet of other insects. When their food is introduced into the house, crickets will follow. The less pest issues your house is plagued with more likely it is that you’ll have problems with crickets. Crickets also can invade homes during periods of bad weather or in unfavorable outdoor conditions. Remember that your home is an environment that is controlled. If it’s too hot or cold, or it is storming out, the crickets are likely to search for the most safe place to hide.

What Problems Do House Crickets Cause?

It is the sound that comes from a million crickets chirping in the night air is a wonderful melodic. A single cricket that chirps every 10 minutes at 3 am is like hearing the sound of a child playing the violin. If you’re looking for a quiet evening, a night of sleep isn’t something you’d want in your house.

If the noise they make and disrupting sleep weren’t enough, crickets carry numerous harmful diseases and take advantage of fabrics all over the homes. This kind of behavior is not only dangerous to homeowners and your family members, but to your drapes, clothing and carpets.

Prevention Tips For Crickets

Crickets are drawn to places that have high moisture, as well as areas where their food sources (other insects) are a common sight. To keep crickets away from your property, you need to take care of these two attracting factors. Here are some effective prevention tips that our experts suggest.

  • Be sure that the basement and crawlspaces are well ventilated.
  • Utilize an indoor dehumidifier for the most humid regions.
  • Cut your grass short and maintain your landscaping.
  • Weed plant beds.
  • Wood piles should be stored within 30 to 30 feet away from the home’s exterior.
  • Make sure that your lights are off at night. You can also invest in the sodium-vapor lamp or yellow bulb that are less appealing to insects.
  • Make use of a caulking gun or a glue to seal gaps, holes and cracks on the outside walls of your house.
  • Repair or replace window or door screens doorspreads, door screens and damaged or incorrectly installed weatherstripping that is damaged or not properly installed.

A Better Way To Handle Crickets

Crickets are a tricky pest to eliminate and treat. If you’re searching for a simpler method to rid yourself of these harmful and annoying pests, let our experts from Pittsburgh Pest Control help. Our staff of highly trained technicians are equipped with modern pest control technology and are educated in the most efficient ways to eliminate pests and exclusion strategies. If you require help in dealing with any issue related to pests We’re ready to assist you.

Call us or go to our website to discuss your options or request a an estimate for your Pittsburgh property and home.

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