Carpet beetles are able to be harmful pests. They’re not what you’d expect to take a look. Carpet beetles aren’t much more than a tiny speck that is an insect. It’s not the carpet beetle that causes damage to your possessions. It’s those larvae that carpet beetles produce who cause the most damage. If you’re unaware, the larvae of carpet beetles aren’t actually beetles. They’re grubs. Today, we’ll explore the way carpet beetles or their grubs, could be able to enter the interior of your Pittsburgh house as well as examine some factors that may cause you to be more susceptible to an infestation of carpet beetles.

How The Beetles Get In

Carpet beetles have the ability to fly. They can come into your home when you open the door. This is difficult to prevent. You can, however, reduce your chances of having a carpet beetle zip into your home when you open the door by using the following tips:

  • Replace the exterior white light bulbs in your entranceway with bulbs that emit yellow light. The spectrum of yellow light is much less appealing to insects like carpet beetles. A smaller number of carpet beetles around your door will result in fewer carpet bugs trying to enter your home each time you leave or enter.
  • Carpet beetles feed on nectar. If you have potted plants in your entryway they could increase your chance of carpet beetles getting into your home. It is the same when you plant flowers in the landscaping near outside doors.
  • If your children do not shut the doors Try to provide them with incentives to stop doing it. Positive reinforcement could be a great way of making your children shutters for doors. Naturally, you can consider asking whether they reside in barns.

Although you could certainly see carpet beetles fly into your home as you unlock the door, it’s likely that they’ll come in through another method that is less obvious. Here are some options to think about:

  • Old weatherstripping around doors may contain gaps sufficient to allow carpet beetles in your home.
  • Broken or missing door sweeps broken door frames and the gap between doors allow carpet beetles to get in easily.
  • Screens for windows and doors that are damaged allow carpet beetles to enter the spaces between the screens as well as glass panes. When you open your windows or doors they will be able to get into the area even when the screen is shut.

How The Grubs Get In

Carpet beetle larvae can’t move very far independently. They hatch from eggs and eat from food sources. It is not necessary to worry about grubs invading your home through their own efforts. What you need to watch for is the possibility of bringing the grubs into your home through your own efforts. Here are some examples:

  • If you buy used furniture You could end up buying an old carpet beetle infestation. They could be on the upholstery of a couch, chair or any other piece which has natural fibers.
  • If you purchase an animal prize it is possible to receive carpet beetle grubs with it.
  • If you buy food items like the dried carcass of meat or powdered dairy, as well as dry food for pets you may get grubs with the products.
  • If you find the bird’s nest which is on the ground, and then take the nest inside, it may bring in grubs.

Surprising Sources

There are several ways you could find carpet beetles in your home in hundreds, or even dozens. If you find them you are not sure that the beetles all found a way to enter your home. More likely is that they’ve discovered an internal breeding area. It might be an item you keep in your storage. There could be an infestation of pests in your pantry. The cause could be a surprise. It could be an animal’s nest in your attic, or in an animal nest inside an air duct. In any case you can be certain that there are animal products that the larvae can take advantage of, or products that are rich in protein. If you look for the source but are unable to locate it, we suggest seeking out an professional in pest control. An experienced and trained technician stands the best chance of finding the answer to the mystery.

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