It’s not difficult to believe that bugs, specifically insects like bed bugs aren’t going to ever infest your home. It’s clean at all times and you make sure to take care to keep your property in good condition. Yet, certain bugs are drawn by human behavior, and anyone could be the victim of an infestation. This is why it’s crucial for all Pittsburgh home owner to know how bed bug infestations begin and how to remain one step ahead of the game.

Bed Bugs Can Happen To Anyone

Due to their well-known behavior of settling in mattresses, some people think that bed bugs can be a problem only for homes that do not maintain their bedding or check regularly their mattresses. The reality lies in the fact that they are able to infest a range of household items and locations — almost any place there’s upholstery or fabric to attach themselves to. Carpets, furniture as well as clothing can be the source of infestation. In addition bed bugs can be known to be hitchhiking pests. They stick to clothes and other items to take an escape route to new areas for them to settle in and that’s how unaware people are exposed to bed bugs and do not even know they are doing it. Even if you have an orderly home being in contact with objects or people which bed bugs are attracted to could expose you to bed bugs.

Spotting Bed Bug Hotspots

Since bed bugs are known to be hitchhikers, there are bound to be areas of public space and commercial establishments that are places of attraction for their populations. There are specific areas that are particularly important to keep an eye out for small, brown bed bugs, or their eggs that are off-white. Here are some Bed bug hotspots:

  • Hotels In the sense that sheets and mattresses are located in every room, accommodation structures of all types could be magnets for bed bugs.
  • Hospitals Another location with linens, bedding and plenty of people to feed hospitals should be in search of evidence of bed bugs.
  • Schools The first spot where kids and their families visit each day after waking up, the schools are hotspots for bed bugs that can transfer from one home to the next.

Spotting Infested Items

Another way the way bed bugs can be introduced into homes is through the use of contaminated products such as furniture that has been used or products purchased from a retail store. This is why it is important to carefully examine these products, as well as their packaging, for indications of contamination or bed bugs:

  • Furniture Furniture that is used is among the primary sources of contamination that people bring into their home. Examine the item thoroughly for any signs of insects shed skins, insects or eggs prior to buying.
  • Clothing The use of clothing is another method that bed bug eggs can move into new home. Be sure to scrutinize your purchases carefully and stay clear of stores that store clothes in heaps or bins.
  • Packages are packages that are kept in a storage facility for days or weeks before they are shipped regardless of whether the product inside isn’t constructed of cushioning material, may be temporary shelters for bed bugs.

True Protection Comes From Expert Pest Control

With the many options for these tiny bugs to enter your home Bed bugs are among ones of the toughest to control pests that exist. They are known for biting us while we sleep No one would want to have bed bugs within their home. The best protection is provided by professionals at Pittsburgh Pest Control. If you require the inspection and cleaning of your house to ensure there isn’t any signs of infestation or removal from bed bug infestations that may have made their way in, we’re here to assist. Don’t wait for bed bugs to turn into an annoying itchy hazard before you decide they pose an actual threat. Call Pittsburgh Pest Control today to find out how you can start the process of bed bug treatment.

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