We have a lot of spiders living in Pittsburgh. Huge hairy wolf spiders and even larger hairy tarantulas swarm around our gardens looking for prey. Black widow spiders are found in brush piles and beneath rocks. Brown recluse spiders hide beneath logs and under rocks. Funnel web spiders are found within webs they make within the vegetation, leaf litter stone walls, near structures made by humans. American house spiders are, for the most part often within our homes together with us. (And as do many other spiders, and the ones previously mentioned.) If you’re thinking “Oh no, nu uh.” We’re with you. Here’s a brief and simple guide to keep spiders away from the Pittsburgh home.

1. Seal Your Exterior

They enter the home because they are able to. The initial step in any program to prevent spiders is to get rid of entry points.

  • Inspect your exterior doors. The doors you have aren’t only letting you in to your home, they may also let spiders inside.
  • Check weatherstripping for any gaps. Inspect door sweeps for damage. Check frames for holes made by rodents, mice or wood-destroying pests. Check the outside edges of the frames for holes. If you spot gap or holes employ a caulking gun seal them up or fill the gaps temporarily.
  • Inspect sliding glass doors. Find all entry points mentioned above. Also , check the screens for cracks or holes between the frames.
  • Inspect your garage door seal. Spiders could slip through this seal, and gain entry into your garage, and eventually into your home.
  • Check the mortar on the brick and repair any cracks.
  • Check your foundation for cracks and use an repair kit to fill in cracks.
  • Check for wall penetrations on the exterior of the house for plumbing pipes and repair any holes.
  • If your home is equipped with weep holes, you should ensure that you have weep hole guards.

2. Get Rid Of Spider Webs

If you notice spider webs, you may be attracted to keep them around since they capture flying insects. Some flying insects, including mosquitoes are potentially harmful. However, we suggest having an accredited pest management expert to handle mosquito control, and to eliminate the webs when you notice them. Why? because some spiders build eggs in their webs. The sacs could contain 300 spiders inside. That’s quite a number of new spiders who could be crawling about and even inside in your Pittsburgh home.

3. Reduce Moist Habitats

The majority of of the spiders are attracted by homes with a damp landscape and plenty of plants. The reason why they are attracted is the fact that damp habitats are typically awash with bugs that are attracted by moisture. Spiders are a favorite food source for insects that feed on moisture. When you reduce moisture, you reduce bugs. By reducing bugs, you also reduce the number of spiders that feed on them. It’s as easy as it gets. Here are some ideas:

  • Check to see if you have a functioning gutter system. A functioning gutter system is not just essential to the overall well-being of your house but it also helps to protect your foundation from being oversaturated.
  • Make sure that your sprinklers are set to provide your plants just the amounts of water they require and set an alarm to water the plants early in the morning. This gives the sun the time to dry out the moisture before sunset.
  • Eliminate weeds and unneeded plants to allow for better airflow. If air is allowed to flow freely through your vegetation this keeps the topsoil moist. The elimination of grass or weeds as well as other plants also has a benefit. The vegetation is able to trap moisture. Keep the landscaping clean and clear to deter spiders.

4. Hiding Places

Many spiders are attracted to or beneath objects, as we’ve mentioned earlier. It is recommended to keep only a few objects in your yard and to avoid piles, stacks or obstructions. It is also important to make sure that you do not have any unnecessary items near your home. If you are unable to put things in storage or remove the items from your property, check how you can lift them. Lifting them off the ground could make a huge difference.

Keep Spider Control In Mind

It’s beneficial to get regular treatments offered by a pest control expert. Pittsburgh Pest Control Pittsburgh Pest Control, our staff members employ the most modern methods of controlling spiders in a green method. We also make use of EPA certified products to control the populations of bugs and insects. If you’d like to know more or book a service, contact us for advice or help.

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