Controlling pigeons is an essential requirement when pest birds are swarming within the home. Pigeons that roost cause numerous issues. Have questions about bird control methods? Get in touch with Pittsburgh Pest Control for the best bird control for your home within Pittsburgh. Our certified technicians are able to deal with pigeon problems and take bird control pest removal seriously.

The 411 On Pigeons In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Bird control is typically essential when it comes to trying to control these elusive birds, however learning more about the species could be beneficial. What exactly is the pigeon? Also known as a dove of the rock the bird is available in many colors, but gray is the most popular body color. Pigeons are usually green flecks of iridescence on the neck as well as dark pink feet as well as black marks on their feathers.

The pigeon is observed so often that people don’t pay attention at all. Some people might even think that these birds are safe, but this is not the reality.

Issues With Pigeons: Why Bird Pest Control Is Needed

When looking at one bird, the homeowner might not realize that this small creature could cause a lot of problems. Bird control strategies can to minimize the negative consequences of pigeons. This is beneficial because, if left in a state of limbo, these birds could be more than an issue.

Although pigeons are always self-groomers they are regarded as a rooster with wings by a lot of people who view them as filthy birds. Droppings from a huge population of pigeons can be quite disgusting, causing pedestrians to fall and slip and cause histoplasmosis and even damage the property.

They can also be a major health risk. Salmonellosis, psittacosis and toxoplasmosis are just a few of the dangers pigeons present human beings when they are roosting on property. Professional bird control might be the best option if the pigeons don’t go away on their own.

Pest control for birds is the simplest and most thorough method to remove pigeons from properties however, what can you do to prevent from happening in the first place? If the birds aren’t an issue, Pittsburgh homeowners can employ methodsto allow pigeons to walk by their property and such methods of home bird control might be the answer.

  • Get rid of water and food Don’t feed the wild birds, or let them snare birds off of bird feeders. Take away feeders from your property and wash up well after pets or people who consume food outside. Make sure that trash is stored in a secure bin. Get rid of any birdbaths or the standing water has been accumulated.
  • Install Aids: Different birds pest control devices could help. Try rotating these tools out to ensure that pigeons don’t become used to repellents and behave like they’re not there. Utilizing reflective discs, tapes, or recycle compact discs could keep pigeons away from rooftops. Decoys of predatory birds , or owls, particularly ones that move, can repel pigeons over a period of time.
  • Utilize Spikes: Anything homeowners can do to make the house less comfortable as a place to sit can be beneficial. The placement of pigeon spikes around places where the birds might like to perch could stop birds from coming to land and making themselves the home of their choice.

Can Pest Control Get Rid Of Birds?

If you notice pigeons becoming an issue in Pennsylvania The most effective course of action is to call pest bird experts from Pittsburgh Pest Control promptly. We know the intricacy of the pigeon bird problem and will do our best to make use of our expertise and resources to eliminate the unwanted birds out of Pittsburgh properties. Our knowledgeable staff members know that every home is unique, and they tailor each method to ensure the best results.

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