Drywood termites that live in Pittsburgh are an extremely damaging problem for homeowners. Drywood termites can do significant amount of damage due to the fact that they are often not discovered until significant damage has already taken place. Pittsburgh homeowners need to know the characteristics of drywood termites as well as their habits and how to prevent the possibility of having an infestation.

Drywood termites range from creamy white with a light brown their color. They are oval in shape, with six legs, and can be up to an inch in length. Drywood termites can have wings, and are known as”swarmers. They eventually shed their wings and leave the evidence of an signs of infestation. Drywood termites are different from other termites since they don’t require moisture in the soil. Drywood termites are a lot more tolerant of dry wood similar to the ones found in attics and other homes. The presence of drywood termites within Pittsburgh homes are among the largest and most costly issues for pests to face. Pittsburgh Pest Control is available to assist.

How To Spot Drywood Termites On Your Pittsburgh Property

Drywood termites are difficult to detect on your Pittsburgh property because they are typically chewing away at the wood of your attic or walls, in areas where it is difficult to spot them. However, they leave evidence that indicate an issue.

Drywood termites can leave behind a trail of wings after they shed and droppings that look like small piles of pepper and salt. Other indicators that you may have an infestation include doors that appear to be tight within their frames or wood that sounds hollow when you tap it, bubbled or peeling paint, as well as noises coming from your walls. Being aware of what to look for is the first step towards finding any infestation prior to it becomes to be too severe.

When To Contact The Professionals At Pittsburgh Pest Control

It is vital to call professionals immediately when you first notice an infestation of termites. To get the most effective drywood termite treatment, homeowners living in Pittsburgh must contact Pittsburgh Pest Control. Pittsburgh Pest Control’s drywood termite treatments starts with an inspection to identify the species of termites that have entered your house. Once this is determined we can offer two kinds of treatments: liquid treatment as well as bait treatment. We also offer pre-treatments for new constructions to protect against future damage. Contact us today to set up your initial inspection.

Tips To Prevent Future Drywood Termite Infestations

Understanding how to avoid future Drywood termite problems is vital to safeguard you and your Pittsburgh home from physical and financial destruction. You’ve already identified what to look for and now you need to learn how to keep an infestation from happening. Take these steps to safeguard the home you live in from being a meal for termites.

  • Drywood termites can infest wood piles and transfer to your home. The firewood should be stored away from the outside of your home . Carefully check it before taking it inside.
  • Take a thorough look around outside of your house for areas where termites may get into your home. Fill any cracks or crevices by caulking.
  • Examine doors and windows to ensure an airtight seal. Install weather stripping where needed.
  • Replace screens that are worn and damaged immediately.
  • Remove overgrown trees as well as other vegetation that is not visible from the outside of your house.
  • Contact the experts toll-free at Pittsburgh Pest Control at the first sign of drywood termite issue.

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