The best method to find out whether you’ve got an infestation of carpenter ants on you Pittsburgh home is to look for carpenter insects. However, many people encounter carpenter ants, but aren’t aware of the difference. Are you aware of the characteristics of a carpenter’s ant like? In Pittsburgh it’s likely that they’ll be black or likely to be dark black and red. They’ll also be larger than the other insects. Carpenter ants vary in size from 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch. Others are smaller than 1/4 of an inch and the majority are smaller than 1/8 of an inch. It’s not difficult to discern what’s the distinction between small 1/8 inch ant and a 1/2 inch carpenter ant. However, remember that if you find carpenter ants measuring 1/4 inch it is likely that you will observe other sizes too. Carpenter ants are multi-species. Unfortunately, none of the information we’ve discussed so far will affect you or assist you in determining whether you’re suffering from an infestation. Carpenter ants are nocturnal in nature, and generally avoid lighting. The most common way people can tell they have an infestation is by looking for the warning indicators. If you’re not sure the signs then you’re in good company. They’re listed here.

1. Frass

Carpenter ants produce a material called frass, this is mostly made up of tiny wood shavings. You may wonder, “Why don’t they call it sawdust.” Frass is more than sawdust. It also contains insect parts and feces. If you see frass, you should definitely contact a licensed pest control professional and have your property inspected.

Frass could be an easy way to know that you’ve got a carpenter issue, but in reality, it’s not. Frass can be sucked out from carpenter ant tunnels numerous locations. It could be located beneath your deck or outside staircases. It could be in the crawl space. It could be in the gaps in your ceilings, walls, or even floors. If it’s located in a location which is hard or impossible to examine the area, it’s not going to be a great indication.

2. Wood Damage

Carpenter ants attack wood that is dampened by humidity or water. The most frequent target is the frames that surround windows and doors. If you start to observe wood loss, you should take more of a look. Carpenter ants may be the cause to the hole. In the simplest case it is recommended to have the decaying wood fixed to ensure that carpenter ants or any other organism that destroys wood will not take away from your capital.

The harm caused by carpenter bees is usually located in dark areas since carpenter ants are night owls by nature and prefer dark. Dark areas are also more likely to have higher humidity and more moisture and are ideal for carpenter ants.

3. Winged Ants

When a carpenter ant nest matures, winged ants are created. These are female and male reproductives. A reproductive carpenter ant can be twice as large as a worker. You could see these ants when they swarm. If they appear in your home, be aware that this is a warning sign of a current and severe infestation in your home. Don’t think that seeing them on the window is a sign that they came in from outside. Winged carpenter ants aren’t like workers— they’re attracted to light. That’s why they show up on window panes. They’re trying to get out to the light. At night time, they may appear on the outside of your windows, trying to get in at the light. If you see them outside, you may not have an infestation in your home. But keep in mind that a carpenter ant swarm isn’t going to travel far. It is likely that there is a mature nest in, or near, your yard.

4. Worker Ants

You might see worker ants. If you go into your kitchen at night and see a hundred large ants moving across your floor, you’ll have no doubt that your home is infested. You may see them in your pantry. You may see them in a crawl space under your home. You may see them under a deck. And, if you do some home renovations, you might just see them inside the wood of your home. We hope you don’t.

At The First Sign Of Carpenter Ants

If you live in Pittsburgh, contact Pittsburgh Pest Control when you see warning signs of carpenter ants. This is pest control problem that should be addressed as quickly as possible. If left untreated, carpenter ants can do a lot of damage. Reach out to us today for assistance.

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