If we want to or they are, insects are essential to the world surrounding us. From aerating soil to helping in the process of decomposing plant matter , to keeping other insects and pests at bay Their appearance on your Pittsburgh home will ensure the correct functioning of the fauna and flora that surrounds you. How do you deal with it when these vital insects invade your home but what happens when they enter your home?

Earwigs are among the insects that are vital in the ecological system. They are long, flat , reddish-brown body with six legs, large antennae, small wings as well as a substantial pair of pincers on the bottom of their abdomens. While they are accustomed to living outdoors, extreme weather like severe heat, heavy rains and cold temperatures will make them seek more suitable shelter. Sometimes, that shelter is the darkened corners of the walls of your Pittsburgh home.

Although there’s a horrible old tale of Earwigs that crawl into ears and laying eggs inside people’s brains These insects are very safe. The pincers that are on their abdomens aren’t laced with venom and aren’t strong enough to break skin. However, they can be annoying if they manage to infiltrate your home, however what can you do to be sure to keep them out?

Tip #1: Lawn Maintenance

Earwigs do really prefer outdoors, which is why they look for shelter which can provide plenty of shading and shade. The areas they seek out include:

  • Brush piles
  • Leaf piles
  • Rocks and decorative rocks
  • Mulch piles
  • Pieces of logs and wood

In order to prevent the spread of an earwig It is important to keep your Pittsburgh property neatly maintained and free of debris. Clean up fallen leaves, trim branches and twigs from the boundary of your property line, and set an annual mowing program. This will make your yard less attractive to earwigs who seek a new home.

Tip #2: Moisture Reduction

The scavengers love a lot of moisture in their surroundings and, when the weather becomes too severe it is the case that any source of moisture can be used. Here are some ways to reduce excessive moisture in and surrounding you Pittsburgh home:

  • Repair any leaky pipes that might cause water damage
  • Install a dehumidifier in rooms that retain moisture such as bathroom, basement, kitchen and laundry rooms
  • Do not overwater your lawn or your garden
  • Check that your lawn drains properly and aerating the soil or connect the drainage pipe on your lawn

Tip #3: Generalized Home Repairs

If earwigs manage to get in the house, it’s likely that your Pittsburgh house has access points to them. This could mean cracks and holes in the walls’ outer foundations, and maybe damaged insulation around doors and windows. To prevent them from infesting areas inside of your house make sure you fill in and repair any crevices and gaps you discover, and then take care to replace the old insulation in the same way.

Tip #4: Local Pest Control Company

It can be difficult to stop insects from invading your outdoor property, and at times it’s inevitable. Earwigs don’t cause much trouble however a significant infestation could cause problems for your garden. Their stings can be painful too. If you’re experiencing problems with pests within your Pittsburgh property We’re here to assist you in fixing the issue.

Our pest specialists from Pittsburgh Pest Control have been specially trained to handle every one of your pest control concerns. We’re committed to the safety and security of your home as well as making sure that the natural ecosystem isn’t damaged during the process. We utilize natural, plant-based pesticides in every one aspects of our solutions which have been tested scientifically and proven to be equally effective and efficient as dangerous synthetic chemicals. If you’re looking for a an effective, efficient pest control you can trust Get in touch with us now. We’re looking forward to serving you!

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