Even pests that look less scary than they are can cause serious damage to your home. Silverfish are a common invasive pest that can be found both outside and inside homes. They can be quite creepy but they are not harmful to humans. They aren’t necessarily dangerous, but they can be quite harmless. You should be able to prevent silverfish infestations from happening and take action quickly.

Silverfish: What You Need to Know

Silverfish is a small, poorly-named pest. They are silvery or metallic gray in appearance but they are not fish. Silverfish, which look a lot like centipedes, are actually centipede-like insects. They prefer moist soils and woods. Silverfish, however, can be attracted to your home just like other pests. It is important to identify the pest and the factors that may be luring them into your Pittsburgh house. Here are some ways to spot silverfish.

  • Size Silverfish are small and can fit on the surface of a nickel. They can appear longer than they really are due to their long antennae.
  • Shape Silverfish are also known for their teardrop-shaped appearance when viewed from the top.
  • Color – Their most distinctive feature is their reflective metallic shells. Some silverfish can have a dull gray, or even tan color.

What Attracts Silverfish to Your Boat?

Although their long antennae and barby-looking bodies can make silverfish seem dangerous, they are not dangerous to pets or people. The main problem with silverfish lies in their diet, which is fibrous keratin, which can be found animal products such as wool, leather, or silk. These common household items attract silverfish indoors, so sealing entry points is key to keeping them out. These are the most important areas you should focus on:

  1. Windows & Doors: Bugs can easily get in through gaps or tears in windows screens. Weatherstripping and proper maintenance can make it easier for bugs to get in.
  2. Cracks and Holes: You should also inspect your foundation and exterior walls for cracks or holes that could allow pests to get through. You can seal them with caulk or paint or another sealant.

Silverfish Prevention Tips

These steps will help you keep silverfish away from your home but won’t address outdoor populations that could attract worse pests. It is important to follow the steps below to reduce silverfish and their predators’ outdoor habitats.

  1. Landscaping is an important step in outdoor pest control. Keep soil away from walls and keep grasses, and other plants, trimmed.
  2. Moisture Control: Silverfish love moist areas so yards that have too much moisture are more appealing to them than those with good drainage and other attractive features.

Pittsburgh Pest Control today

These home prevention methods will only go so far. Pittsburgh Pest Control offers the best protection against silverfish and other invasive insects. We offer residential as well as commercial pest services in Pittsburgh and greater Pittsburgh. We are your local partner in everything you need to prevent pest problems from ever arising. During an inspection of your home, our experts will provide additional tips and tricks. We’ll assist you with cost-effective services if we find warning signs. We can quickly get rid of any invasive pests such as silverfish. Pittsburgh Pest Control can help you get rid of invasive pests in your home.

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