There are some myths that are entertaining. For instance, you might hear: “When Chuck Norris does push-ups, he doesn’t push himself up, he pushes the world down,” or “Chuck Norris is so fast, he can run around the world and punch himself in the back of the head.” Some myths aren’t fun. Today, we’ll look at some less-than-fun myths. These are the four most commonly-believed myths regarding bed bugs that each Pittsburgh resident needs to know.

1. Bed Bugs Only Live In Dirty Homes

This one is probably as old as bed bugs themselves. It may have started because mattresses from beds that have bed bugs hiding in them can start to have dirty and unsightly black or brown stains on them. Bed bugs excrete blood and black excrement, which soak into the fabric of mattresses. But these dirty stains aren’t obvious, especially at first. Bed bugs hide in tight or compressed spaces. It isn’t until long after bed bugs have been biting that people carry their mattresses out and attempt to throw them away. But an onlooker wouldn’t have known that the stains were created by the bed bugs or that they were hidden. Do you see how the myth could have started?

In reality, bed bugs do not choose to stay with you in any way. They are transported from one place to another in a passive manner. Once they are at an area they adapt to whatever conditions they’re offered. If the weather isn’t perfect and they’re not likely to look for an apartment. Because of this, they’re able to stay in the most clean of homes. All they require to survive is blood.

2. Bed Bugs Only Live In Beds

If bed bug bites begin to show, and people begin to realize they’re suffering from an issue they may decide to throw their beds away like we did in the previous paragraph. This isn’t enough to stop an infestation since bed bugs do not only reside in bed. They can be found in all kinds of locations. Some might surprise you.

  • Bed bugs can be found in frame beds. The act of throwing either your box or mattress springs will not eliminate them.
  • Bed bugs could be living on your alarm clock, nightstand and even other furniture within your bedroom. Tossing away boxes springs, mattresses and bed frame won’t be enough to get rid of them.
  • Bed bugs can be found in bags for books, duffel bags, pocketsbooks, luggage and other travel objects. You can take everything in your bedroom away and still be plagued by bed bugs.
  • Bed bugs can hide behind crown molding and baseboard under carpets, in wall outlets, and inside the wall gaps. You could remove everything from your home out, and still be afflicted with the bed bug problem.

3. Bed Bugs Are Too Small To See

If bed bugs infest the home, you may believe that they’re tiny insects. However, don’t believe it. If you discover the presence of a bed bug it is possible to detect it. There are several reasons people believe that bed bug aren’t big enough to be seen:

  • A freshly born bed bug is only 1mm in length and will only be 4.5 millimeters. This is pretty tiny and makes bed insects easy to miss while searching for them.
  • A newly born bed bug has a translucent skin. This allows it to blend with its surroundings, particularly lighter-colored environments. However, you can spot the pale, translucent insects. They’re not chameleons.
  • Bed bugs like tight or tight areas. You could have hundreds of them living in your mattress , but you will you may not be able to see them as they prefer to hide in seams of your mattress. They can be brought up to the surface using the edges of a knife or debit card across the seams.
  • Bed bugs are known to prefer coming out in the evening. It is uncommon to see bed bugs under the lights. They are sensitive to light. They also function due to the rise in carbon dioxide that occurs when people sleep.

4. Bed Bugs Are Easy To Get Rid Of

There are a variety of ideas for controlling bed bugs on the web. Some may appear to be a quick fix to get rid of bed bugs. The heat is one of them. While it is possible to kill bed bugs by using the use of heat, it’s extremely difficult to bring the temperature in your home to the point sufficient to kill bed bugs. They can locate “cold spots” to hide from extreme temperatures that could kill them. They could be in a protected area in a “cold spot” because they are able to hide in tight spaces or spaces that are compressed. You won’t be able to eliminate bed bugs by installing space heaters in each area of your house.

Pittsburgh Bed Bug Control

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