In the list of pests that devour wood, termites are the most destructive. A lot of Pittsburgh, PA homes and businesses are gone due to termites. Every every year Americans are spending $5 billion to fight away or get rid of the destructive insects. They are a nuisance because they tend to hide through the soil and into the walls, it’s difficult to detect the signs before they cause damage. They’re a real troublesome issue to manage.

Many people have difficulty managing termite populations. It isn’t easy when numerous myths are spread about these insects. Knowing the basics of the species of bug is crucial in stopping termites. Find out the truth about termites right now and find out the ways Pittsburgh Pest Control can aid you in defeating them over the long-term.

Myths About Termites

Myth #1: Termites Exist to Destroy Only And Are Part of the Ant Family

It might be difficult to believe however termites as decomposers actually contribute to the ecosystem. In the event that they cover the dead trees organic matter and plant material, they move back into the soil. This improves it and supplies it with oxygen. In turn, the wooded areas remain healthy.

Termite colonies typically have white or grayish-white or black workers that measure 0.12 or an inch in length. Although they have an eerie resemblance to ants, they’re not closely related to them. The other two categories are swarmers and soldiers. Soldiers can be distinguished by their square heads and strong jaws that protect. Sometimes, they appear yellow-brown. Swarmers stand out since they’ve wings and measure 1/2 of an inch in length. They can be found in black, brown, or yellow. They are usually the only termites that are spotted since they move from nests in order to reproduce and fly towards lights.

Myth #2: Termites Are Repelled by Mulch And Decaying Wood And Their Infestations Are Easy to Detect

In the meantime, termites live in soil, and their activity replenishes the soil. So it’s unlikely that mulch will stop them from destroying your property. In the case of rotten or decayed wood is concerned, it is often a magnet for these insects. Additionally, it is recommended to change or repair damaged pieces of wood as part of your efforts to prevent them by:

  • Repairing moisture and leaks immediately, particularly if they’re dampening the wood
  • Make sure that any loose wood such as carpentry panels aren’t in the soil
  • Repairing holes in foundations and utility lines
  • Woodpiles and a teepee that are dangling feet or more away from the property

Termites are often not discovered until they’re too late. Except for swarms the termites will be hidden from view. Signs of infestation may be more obvious, for instance:

  • Drywall that is discolored and droopy
  • The tiles are loosening and the floorboards are weakening.
  • Paint that is peeling and appears like it’s frothy or damaged by water.
  • Walls with hollow sounding
  • The Maze pattern, the mud tube or needle-point holes in walls
  • Fecal frass in stacks
  • Swarms of people or looking for their wings that have been discarded

Myth #3: Termites Can Eat Through Concrete And You Only Need One Treatment

Yes termites are able to crawl through the cracks of concrete. But they aren’t able to cut through the concrete. When it comes to treatment that aren’t permanent, there is no way to rid these bugs. They are always able to return in the future, especially if they’ve already previously been in an area. It’s best to keep a constant, professional eye on them.

Myth#4: You Can Exterminate Termites Independently

Any results you see from commercial termite treatments and “do it yourself” remedies are only temporary. This is true if they are effective in any way. Most won’t penetrate past the surface of the infestation , and some can be toxic. Pittsburgh Pest Control’s solutions Green Home Pest Control are more comprehensive and safer. Our skilled technicians use liquid treatments and Trelona(r) ATBS Advance(r) Termite Baiting Systems to get rid of colonies and build a barrier to protect. New treatment options for construction, as well as following-up visits and guarantees are offered. Contact us now at the number Pittsburgh Pest Control to get no cost estimate!

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