Ants (Formicidae) have been classified in the National Pest Management Association as one of the most threatening pests within the United States. All over the world thousands of species have been identified, with more than 700 in the United States in the United States alone. Ants can be described as social bugs that create large colonies and play different roles in order to protect and increase the size of the nest. Ants can be seen in shades, possess antennae that range in dimensions ranging between .08 or 12 inches in length. According to their availability they will consume a variety of food items, such as seeds, insects as well as nectar and other. When they enter a house or business, they usually are attracted by foods which are rich in carbs, sugars and meats.

Common Types In The Pittsburgh Region

A variety of different kinds of ants are found in nature there are a few most likely to migrate indoors. Pavement ants are often found on walkways and take advantage of opportunities to get into homes via gaps in the property’s exterior. House ants with a bad odor are that emits a foul smell after being crushed.

Pharaoh ants are small, lighter-colored and carry a variety of pollutants. Carpenter ants are similar to termites in the way they are able to damage wooden structures. While they do not consume wood, they do are able to burrow into it and cause property damage that is costly. They have a brownish red appearance, and they can give a painful bite and bite.

Why Ant Problems Can Quickly Worsen

Ants have a method to communicate with other ants if they find an food source. They release pheromones that are chemicals released to alert the members within the colonies. Because of this, the presence of just one or two ants could cause a plethora of others to begin arriving.

Prevent Ants Using These Four Tips

  • Reduce food sources: Throw everything you eat away and put it in containers that seal as required. Don’t leave dirty dishes out for a long time, and remember to get rid of pet food that is not used up.
  • Regularly clean: Quickly clean up spills and thoroughly clean the countertops and other areas in the kitchen. The trash containers in the kitchen should have a lid that is securely fitted. Clean under appliances close to food preparation frequently.
  • Avoid standing water and water Stop sprinklers from creating zones of water pooling. Repair any leaks, and then use a dehumidifier for areas such as crawlspaces, basements, and basements where there is a lot of humidity.
  • Secure entry points to the exterior Repair holes in screens, and then inspect and fill in any gaps around doors and windows, as well as cracks within the foundation of the structure.

Appropriately Responding To Harmful Pest Intrusions

A lot of property owners will experience some minor issues in the form of ants or other pests and underestimate their power. Many people think of DIY or fabled commercial products that are marketed as overpriced and are often not effective. While they’re at it, the pests reproduce and spread across other areas of the home.

In some instances some store-bought cleaning products contain chemical substances that could cause harm to components in the building or cleaning products, and could pose an health risk. It is strongly recommended to talk to a professional in pest extermination to ensure that the issue is dealt with efficiently and safely.

Established Pest Control Professionals In Greater Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Pest Control is a local family-owned group of specialists who have been eliminating rodents, insects and other nastier nuisances from the homes and businesses within this area. We offer same-day service as well as emergency service We assure the the quality of our work by offering an assurance of pest-free service. We are looking forward to talking with you about scheduling an appointment for an inspection. We will also give you an estimate.

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