If you don’t wish to sleep in bed staring at insect bites You should take steps to ensure that bed bugs are kept away of the walls of your Pittsburgh residence. While there’s no guarantee you’ll never come across the bed bug however, there are some easy tips to repel these insects from your home. Follow these simple tips and you’ll be free of the problems that can be caused by bed bugs.

1. Know What Causes Bed Bugs

The first and most important thing is that it is important to understand the fact that bed bugs aren’t drawn to dirt. They aren’t like others Pittsburgh insects that care only about digging up food scraps. Whatever your house is kept the bed bugs may consider it appealing.

This is due to bed bugs feeding on blood of animals and humans. If the host is present they can feed. They could even go months without eating So a house that is empty might be home to bed bugs.

2. Check Hotel Rooms

When traveling, be sure to inspect the hotel rooms for signs of bed bugs. Many travelers bring home bed bugs from travel destinations, so applying this advice can help repel these insects. Check under your headboard and mattress for signs of insects. Also, look at the frames and walls for signs of bugs.

It’s crucial to understand how bed bugs appear like. While they’re small they are still visible. It is possible to spot tiny brown bugs bloodstains, eggs, or bloodstains. Whatever the case, you should keep an eye out for. If you suspect you have evidence of bed bugs, phone the hotel’s management and ask for a refund and then move to a different hotel.

3. Keep Belongings Off The Floor

If you’re not in town, make sure your possessions are away from the floor. Luggage racks offer an opportunity to store your luggage from the ravaging of bed bugs. If you store all of your baggage on the floor or against the wall, insects could get into your luggage.

Always make use of the rack for luggage and ensure that it’s not in contact with the wall. If you’re in an area that has bed bugs, it’s less likely to take them to your home.

4. Check Second Hand Furniture

Thrift stores are full of incredible finds, but they also carry bed bugs. If you don’t want be a victim of an infestation at in your home, make sure you check the used items for bed bugs. It is important to keep in mind they don’t just reside in bed. They can be found in picture frames, furniture and many other places.

When you purchase anything secondhand be sure to look for bed bugs, eggs from bed bugs and skins that shed. Do not bring anything home in the event that you suspect it could have bed bugs in it.

5. Wash Your Clothes On Hot

If you are returning from vacation or purchase used clothes, rinse them with an extremely hot cycle. Bed bugs could be that are hiding on your clothing however, the hot water will eliminate the bugs.

Bed bugs aren’t tolerant of extreme temperatures. Thus, one of the best ways to ensure they don’t invade the house is by washing your clothing after your trip. The hotter the location is, the more likely it is that bugs will be eradicated.

Call The Professionals

You can dedicate all your time and energy to keep bed bugs at bay however, there’s no guarantee that the results will be achieved. At Pittsburgh Pest Control, we’re here to assist you. When you first notice bed bugs, you can contact one of our representatives.

We are concerned about Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh community and do not want to be the ones to witness you struggle. If you spot insects in the bed of your house We’ll respond quickly. In a matter of minutes we’ll remove all bed bugs on your home. If you’d like to know more, please contact us right now.

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