Mosquitoes can be irritating pests but they can also pose an apprehension for you and your family in the event that they are allowed to enter into your backyard and reproduce. If you stop mosquitoes from breeding in your backyard this could have a significant impact since the majority of mosquitoes who bite you when you’re outside are the mosquitoes that have laid eggs in your backyard. Mosquitoes are pretty slow. They don’t flit from one yard to another seeking a bite devour. They generally stay in the place they are born in. A typical mosquito won’t be able to travel over 300 feet during its entire existence. That’s why limiting breeding locations can decrease the number of mosquitoes that bite and mosquitoes. Here are five suggestions to help you rid of mosquitoes.

1. Remove Containers

It takes just 1 inch of water mosquitoes to reproduce. This could be found in any object that is able to hold water. The most obvious example is an empty bowl or cup that is that is left out after a barbecue. There are however many much more subtle containers that could be found within your backyard like frisbees, old tires or kiddie pool, tarp or toy trucks. Get rid of these objects or throw them to stop mosquitoes from forming.

2. Water Sources

Certain properties are home to water sources that can’t be removed. However, that’s fine. The mosquitoes require stagnant water for development. If you can keep the water flowing to stop mosquito breeding. One example is to add a solar-powered pump or fountain to your bird bath.

3. Remove Puddles

If a puddle’s depth is enough and is left to sit for more than one week, mosquitoes may make it an ideal breeding ground. Find puddles and take measures to fix the conditions that permit rainwater to remain by, for example, loosening the hardened ground.

4. Address Moisture

Certain mosquitoes thrive on moist ground. It’s not enough to eliminate water sources near your house. There are several ways to take control of your moisture:

  • Check out your gutters. If you’ve got an obstruction which is causing rainwater to flow across the sides and soak the ground around your house. It also acts as an container. Clean your gutters, and make repairs to your gutters to avoid oversaturation.
  • Reduce the amount of vegetation you have in your landscape to lessen the moisture around your home. By removing plants, you create greater space for your plant life, and permits better airflow. A good airflow will help the topsoil dry quicker.
  • Make sure to water your plants in the morning. This allows sunlight to dry the soil in the quickest time possible.
  • Pruning the canopy of your tree. When you’ve got a large tree canopy, it could stop sunlight from drying out the soil around your home. Cut branches so that you can let the sunlight shine through.
  • Repair leaks. If water is flowing from a hose, sprinkler or spigot could dampen the soil and lead to oversaturation.

5. Personal Prevention

After you’ve taken the necessary steps to control mosquito populations within your yard, it’s recommended to take personal precautions. Here are some tips to prevent mosquitoes away from your body:

  • A repellent against mosquitoes are the best method to stop bites. Apply repellent on your skin or clothes. If you aren’t willing to use chemicals on your body, consider some natural alternatives like products that are made from lemon oil Eucalyptus, among other natural ingredients. It is also possible to plant mosquito-proof plants in outdoor recreation areas. Make contact with the plants to activate the scent apply the oils to your clothing and skin to spread the scent over your body. We suggest lavender, tea tree lemon, and eucalyptus oils to repel mosquitoes.
  • Wear bright colors that help make it difficult for mosquitoes to find you. Mosquitoes lack eyesight and are able to fly low to the ground, and then use silhouettes to entrap you. Colors that are bright make it difficult for mosquitoes.
  • Wear long-sleeved pants and shirts to provide mosquitoes with less skin to bite.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol while outdoors. This can attract mosquitoes to your home.

Mosquito Control In Pittsburgh

The most effective method to gain control over mosquitoes within your yard is by using Pittsburgh Pest Control. We offer continuous mosquito treatments that stop cycles of reproduction and reduce the mosquito population around your house. Contact us today to inquire about service to you Pittsburgh home.

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