There are enough challenges to handle in your life Cricket control shouldn’t be any more difficult. It is good to know that there are couple of simple actions you can follow to prevent crickets from entering your home. Discover these five tips you must take to stop crickets from invading your home.

1. Know Your Enemy

The most basic method of prevention against cricket is through education. By learning about local crickets, you will know what is required to keep them away. In Pittsburgh there are three kinds of crickets. Field crickets are black or dark brown and is characterized by leg spurs. The tropical crickets are similar to it in hue, however males have smaller wings, and females do not have wings whatsoever. In addition, the house cricket is smaller than the other kinds of crickets, and also is smaller in spurs.

Most homeowners fear crickets due to their loud crickets that chirp. However, crickets found within Pittsburgh aren’t just irritating but also harmful. Crickets in your home can carry diseases such as E. coli and salmonella as well as attract harmful pests such as scorpions, spiders and cockroaches. The presence of crickets puts everyone in your home at risk.

2. Seal Openings

Your exterior house may have numerous entrances for crickets. By sealing these entryways, you are able to safeguard your home from the intruders. Be sure to check your walls for crevices and cracks and then find methods to close them. If you see gaps in your plumbing and electrical wiring also, make sure to seal them. Even if you’ve just moved into the latest home it is possible that you have gaps that are large enough to accommodate crickets.

3. Store Trash Outside And Sealed

Each evening, take your garbage outdoors and place it in a sealed container inside a trash bin with lid. If you have garbage inside your home that attracts crickets as well as other insects. When it’s in the house the trash, it should be kept in a container that has a lid that is tightly sealed.

The crickets are omnivores. That means they consume almost everything. Your garbage may be the reason why crickets are coming in. Along with taking crumbs from your garbage, they could be eating other insects attracted to your trash.

4. Maintain Your Yard

Outside, crickets prefer to hide in high lawns, weeds, and grass. To make your yard less attractive to these creatures, trim your lawn frequently. Remove your weeds and employ an weed killer as required. If lawn debris is accumulating and is not properly removed, it must be cleaned. By taking care of your lawn and removing the crickets’ places to hide.

It’s not that long for crickets and frogs to see that your home is in an ideal spot. If your garden gets uncontrollable for even short periods of time the home could be at risk. Make sure you take care to keep your garden, or you could face an issue.

5. Vacuum Often

When you get inside crickets lay eggs on carpets and rugs. You can limit the number of crickets to a minimum by cleaning your floors often. This stops eggs from hatching and decreases the number of crickets.

After vacuuming, dump the particles into a sealed bag. After that, place the bag into an enclosed garbage bin. While this could prevent the population of crickets from growing but it will not completely safeguard your property.

Work With An Expert

DIY strategies for cricket prevention do not always get the task accomplished. If you attempt to use harmful sprays or natural remedies, you’re not likely to be able to achieve much success.

There’s just one reliable method to prevent crickets. To get the most effective results, it is best to speak with an expert in pest control. At Pittsburgh Pest Control, we have the experience to keep crickets at bay. If you need more information or advice regarding cricket control contact us.

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