Are you able to find dead roaches at your workplace? It could be an indication of a serious issue. A study revealed that for every cockroach you encounter in the interior, there are thousands more hidden in the wall. The presence of roaches within your workplace can make your workplace look unclean that can turn away potential customers and even lead to health issues. If you spot a number of dead roaches in a couple of days, you’re dealing with an urgent issue and must immediately call an pest control company.

Ways To Eradicate Roaches In Pittsburgh, PA

There are many options you can take to eliminate roaches already in your house. Set up liquid traps or glue across the entire building will not just kill some roaches however, it will provide an indication of how serious the issue is. The more roaches traps kill, the greater the problem.

One of the most effective natural methods is to set out containers with baking soda and water, and placing a piece bread inside. Boric acid and vinegar are also a good choice as substitutes for baking soda. Roaches are attracted by the bread and disappear inside the solution. Sprinkles of diatomaceous earth on places where roaches prefer to hide in can be efficient. Diatomaceous earth is a material which is safe to humans as well as pets, but is dangerous to insects like roaches. It is also possible to use catnip to repel insects (although this will not eliminate any existing roaches.) These tips can be useful however, they will not be able to solve the problem on their own.

Preventative Measures For Pittsburgh Cockroaches

The most important thing is to adopt preventive measures to ensure the roach issue doesn’t get more severe. Cleaning up after yourself is crucial. Roaches love eating portions of our food, which is why making sure your kitchen is clean and getting rid of food waste vital. Keep trash bin lids shut so that roaches don’t taste anything that is tempting in the.

Roaches may also be drawn to paper pieces and dirt and dust that collects on our flooring. Cleaning the floors is essential as any tiny debris could be an item that draws rodents to your. Roaches like to hide under things and the less places they have to hide the more secure.

It is also important to close any gaps between doors, walls, and windows. Roaches may also get in through plumbing. Cover areas around toilets, bathtubs and sinks too. Also, if you’ve got an issue with your faucet, you need to fix it immediately. You are attracting roaches to the water all day long.

Pittsburgh Pest Control Can Help

If you’ve taken precautions and tried some of the remedies you’ve tried yourself and you’re still experiencing an issue after a few days, you need to contact professionals for commercial pest control. Pittsburgh Pest Control offers premium products and trained personnel. We don’t rely on low-cost, toxic pesticides. Our products employ an intelligent, responsible method and provide 100% organic and green pest control options. Our team is comprised of Pittsburgh exterminators for pests is highly trained and certified by the state and we offer our services with a 100 100% satisfaction assurance.

If you’re experiencing an infestation of cockroaches or other issues with pests, contact us now. We can determine the scope of the issue and discuss the options available to you. We can ultimately eliminate cockroaches from your workplace so that you can go back to your work without having to worry about the issue. For more information about our services for commercial pest control in Pittsburgh such as cockroach control the control of rodents and termite removal check out our site or contact us now!

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