When people think of pest control they think of toxic poisons and chemicals. However, this method of control has a number of hazards. Find out more about the risks associated with traditional control methods methods and why eco-friendly options are the best choice.

Why People Turn To Poison

The majority of homeowners will spray harsh chemicals and poisons in their home. Despite the risk of chemical exposure and other chemicals, they view them as the only method to control pests within Pittsburgh, PA. But the truth is there’s many other methods of eliminating the pests that invade your home.

What are the reasons people believe this notion that chemical treatment is the only choice? One reason is that DIY non-chemical (do your own) methods of pest control are typically not effective. If someone hears of an eco-friendly approach to repelling pests it’s a thought of the time when they tried using baking soda to get rid of bed bugs. Many misconceptions about chemical solutions to pest issues likeproblems exist, which is why the majority of homeowners aren’t sure of how it is working.

Additionally, most pest management businesses promote chemicals and poisons. In the absence of exposure to other alternatives, you won’t be aware that there are alternatives safer methods for the removal of pests.

The Problem With Chemicals And Poisons

While it’s not uncommon to control pests using chemical solutions however, it’s not the ideal method. There are a variety of problems that arise with thetraditional methods of controlling pests that depend on chemicals, like:

  • harmful to Humans:If you or any other person in your family ingests the chemicals that are harmful to humans, you could be in risk. Chemicals can have short- and long-term impacts to your body’s health. It’s especially difficult to shield children from these chemicals. If you don’t use environmentally-friendly pest control, your kids could suffer.
  • harmful to pets: Because your pets are smaller than you are, they are more prone to the pesticide chemicals. Pets are also prone to play around in areas they shouldn’t so they are more susceptible to chemicals. Whatever number of times you say to stay away you can’t protect it from dangerous chemicals.
  • A danger to plants: When you spend all week working on your garden, you’d prefer not to see it disappear. This is exactly the scenario that could occur if you apply chemicals in your home. The plants that are able to withstand chemical and produce fruits or vegetables could have trace amounts of pesticides.
  • harmful to the environment:Almost everything you do impacts the environment and is not always a positive one. There’s no way to do anything about the fuel-guzzling car you drive in or the necessity of using your heater during a cold winter day however you can benefit the environment by limiting the usage of pesticides.

If it rains the water wash every outdoor chemical into the soil. Because people also spray chemicals on the ground, the soil and groundwater have high levels of toxic substances. You can take action and change to eco-friendly pest control.

Eco-Friendly Pest Control Is Effective And Safe

To reduce the risk associated with chemical and poisons, switch to green insect control. Contrary to popular notion there are effective ways to control pests that will not harm either you or the environment. At Pittsburgh Pest Control, our staff is aware of the most efficient strategies to tackle pest prevention and elimination.

Whatever insects you’re fighting You can trust us to keep the situation under control. We value your family members and you So the Pittsburgh, PA technicians only employ safe methods for pest control. With many years of expertise, our team understands how to secure your home. If you’re interested in learning more about our procedures or want to begin, contact us now by calling Pittsburgh Pest Control.

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