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What do earwigs look like?

The ears are an insect with a an history that’s enough to cause anyone to run for the hills to stay clear of coming into contact with the. However, the good news is that the historical earwig’s story isn’t true. There was a time when people believed that earwigs would crawl into the ears of people to drill into their brains to lay eggs. There isn’t any truth to this myth. Earwigs are pests in gardens that do no danger to humans.

Physical characteristics of an earwig comprise:

  • A body with a flat, elongated shape.
  • A reddish-brown hue
  • Pincers (cerci) extend from the stomach’s end
  • Antennae and wings
  • Biting mouthpieces

Are earwigs harmful?

Earwigs are agricultural and garden pests that can be found in agricultural and garden areas. They do not cause harm to human beings, and only in large quantities could cause major destruction to crops and plants. Many people are scared by earwigs due to their pincers that extend from the abdomen. However, the pincers aren’t strong enough enough to penetrate the skin of a person or cause any serious discomfort. They are what ears use to protect themselves from one another and predatory insects.

What is the reason I have an issue with my ear?

Earwigs are scavengers that consume decaying plants as well as other decaying materials. Earwigs prefer living outside and are usually located in flower beds, gardens and other areas that are landscaped. The most popular places for them are close to the exterior of our houses. If it is too hot and dry out for them to stay in a comfortable environment the earwigs can enter our homes via spaces beneath doors or through cracks within the structure.

Where can I buy Earwigs?

Earwigs usually live outdoors in dark, damp areas such as under rocks, mulch landscape tie-ups, leaf and even the brush. Inside in our houses, they go to damp areas , such as areas in the basement, around crawlspaces as well as around sinks and drains. Earwigs can also be found inside of laundry baskets, in the cardboard box, and within the linens that are stored.

How can I remove Earwigs?

The specialists working at Pittsburgh Pest Control will assist you in eliminate ears from you Pittsburgh, PA property. Locally owned and operated, we are an business who understands how to eradicate and control pests that are prevalent in our area. Our highly-trained employees are dedicated to our clients and community, our employees, and the natural environment.

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How can I avoid from earwigs happening in the future?

Utilize the following tips to prevent problems caused by ears:

  • Create a barrier between your soil and the foundation.
  • Rake debris and leaves off your home’s exterior walls.
  • Make the holes in your foundation to let earwigs and other insects to enter.
  • Place door sweeps on exterior doors.
  • Fix leaky pipes and fittings that give ears with the water they require.
  • Use dehumidifiers to keep basements dry.
  • Clean crawl spaces.

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