With their slim, long bodies and intimidating pincers visually, ears are a bit unsettling to see. In addition, they are often seen climbing into the ear canal of the human brain in order to lay eggs and then burrow into the human brain. However, there’s no need to be concerned, as fortunately this is commonly believed to be completely untrue.

Contrary to what their name implies, earwigs do not live inside or feed on human brain. Neither do they lay eggs inside the ear canals of human beings. Although any insect can get into the ear, it’s that common and ears aren’t more likely be able to do this than other insect.

Find out the answers to your queries about the dangers of earwigs, what attracts earwigs to your Pittsburgh home as well as the reason you might have noticed an earwig on your bedroom, and the most effective method of getting rid of the earwigs.

Are Earwigs Dangerous?

Earwigs are bugs that mainly stay in the shadows. Though they are able to pinch when you provoke them, they don’t have venom and stingers, which means they’re safe for humans.

The most severe discomfort you could suffer from an earwig’s the pinch can be irritation and itching that can be treated by using antibacterial cream available at the drugstore. Since they do not transmit bacteria, earwigs are considered to be a nuisance, and aren’t a threat to the health of people or their wellbeing.

What Is Attracting Earwigs To My Home?

Earwigs are attracted to homes either by themselves or in groups, because it gives them a dry, warm location to rest and also find food. These insects are called accidental invaders since they usually find their way into homes unintentionally, and prefer living outside in nature.

Earwigs are attracted by two elements within and around your home: light and moisture.

  • Why Moisture? If your home is experiencing the highest levels in humidity it may be due to a variety of elements such as the construction and design of the building as well as the condition of insulation, damages which requires repairs, and weather conditions. In the daytime and outside they are typically located under stones and rocks and in mulch, close to the foundation, as well as other areas where moisture might accumulate.
  • Why Light? Earwigs also like the light. They are at their most active during nightand prefer bright white lightsthat homeowners frequently use to illuminate the exterior of their houses.

How Are Earwigs Getting Inside?

When earwigs are fluttering in the light of outdoor illumination and other lights, they could find them way into gaps in door and window frames, which can cause damage to screens, or through crevices within the floor of your house. Earwigs could also be accidentally taken inside when they’re mixed with newspapers, boxes, books or plants which has been moved inside.

How Did An Earwig Get In My Bed?

Earwigs can climb and crawl and climb, so while it’s possible to find an earwig under your mattress, this is extremely unlikely. Since there isn’t any lighting or moisture the earwigs have no reason to be in there, and could have gotten in the bed accidentally.

How Can I Get Rid Of Earwigs?

Earwigs can be found in areas that are difficult to find and also away from your reach. Pest control professionals are the most efficient method to eliminate these pests from your house or office. Earwigs are a sign of trouble. indicate a problem with the humidity within or around your home. More than thirty years’ expertise, the local experts from Pittsburgh Pest Control will be able to identify the source within your Pittsburgh business or home, and remove the pests quickly.

For assistance or advice on earswigs or other pests, please call Pittsburgh Pest Control at 412 991 2693.

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