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What do crickets look like?

Crickets are bugs that typically are found in the garden or grassy spaces however, they occasionally make their way into our living spaces. Many people recognize crickets’ presence through the chirping sound that the various species produce. To produce the sound males rub their front wings together. It is vital to recognize that you might encounter problems with crickets but you may not be hearing any crickets chirping because not all crickets chirp!

The physical characteristics of a cricket player include:

  • A head that’s rounded
  • Large back legs
  • Oval-shaped bodies with oval shapes that are black, brown green, yellow or brown
  • Antennas that are longer than the body or are longer
  • Females are equipped with an appendage like a sword that extends backward from their abdomens to lay eggs.

Are crickets dangerous?

Crickets aren’t dangerous insects, but we should not allow them to reside close to or inside our homes in huge quantities. A large amount of crickets in your backyard could eventually result in at the very least some being able to enter your home. The crickets that discover a way to enter your home can eat holes in and harm our items. Furniture, clothing carpets, blankets, as well as potted planters are prone to being damaged by feeding crickets.

What is the reason I’m experiencing a problem with cricket?

Crickets are small and squeeze their bodies into the smallest spaces. If the weather is too dry and hot These pests that thrive on moisture migrate to homes in search of better conditions for living. Crickets also seek out the lighting of outdoor areas. After being drawn to your home by the exterior lighting, they will seek out areas under doors, opening windows, or any other openings or cracks to gain entrance points.

Where can you find the crickets?

Crickets are most active during the night, which makes finding out their hiding places around your house difficult. If you live outside in the natural or inside a structure constructed by humans crickets prefer living in damp, dark areas.

The places you can find crickets are:

  • In between rocks
  • In the gardens and under mulch
  • The ties are under the logs or in landscaping
  • Under recycling bins, trash bins, as well as other containers
  • In kitchens, basements, bathrooms and in crawlspaces

How can I rid my home of crickets?

Eliminate crickets on the area around your Pennsylvania property by using Pittsburgh Pest Control. Our eco-friendly pest control services tackle pest issues using products that are safe for your environment, children and pets. We understand how difficult dealing with bugs like crickets and other insects can be, and that’s why we be quick and on your schedule to eliminate these pests!

If you notice an increase of crickets in the backyard or in your home, contact us now to learn more about our efficient cricket control strategies.

What can I do to prevent crickets from happening in the in the future?

Follow the tips below to prevent problems with crickets:

  • Check out the foundation walls, and seal any holes or cracks that you discover.
  • Remove any excess moisture around your home’s foundation by repairing leaky pipes and then raking away leaves, mulch, or other debris that has accumulated on your foundation.
  • Clean up basements, garages and other storage areas so that crickets have less places to hide in your home.
  • Place recycling bins and trash bins above the ground on pallets.
  • Fix leaky plumbing and fixtures that may cause water damage within or around your home that draw crickets.

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