Nobody wants bed bugs. Many people have one of their top travel worries – to be staying in an establishment that is home to bed bugs, and then bring them home. Bed bugs are awe-inspiring travelers, and that’s the reason that the most popular method to catch the bed bug is to go on a trip and stay in a place with them and then bring them in your luggage or clothes back to your home.

However, traveling isn’t the only way to acquire bed bugs. And unfortunately the more frequent bed bugs are in Pennsylvania the more likely you’re to contract them, even without travel.

How Can You Get Bed Bugs Without Traveling?

Bed bugs are attracted to living close to bed, which is why they have access to food without any risk (since the meals they eat are typically asleep). This is why they are most famous for being found in hotels. Bed bugs aren’t stationary creatures. They are not a problem moving to different rooms and are not required to feed on sleeping victims.

This permits bed bugs to expand in their own way. If you find bed bugs in your home and you haven’t travel, it’s likely that bed bugs have entered your property by:

  • Neighbors Contrary to what many believe bed bugs do not have issues leaving their homes and moving to a new place. They are most likely to search for new homes in the event of an outbreak that is widespread. That is the reason that the majority of apartment complexes require residents sign a form stating that they’re responsible for any damage resulting caused by delaying treatment for bed bugs.
  • Public Areas Public Areas While bed bugs tend to feed on victims who are asleep but they are more than happy to feed on people who are awake. Bed bugs are often found in offices, theaters, or in any place they have access to a sitting meal. It is possible that you came into contact with bed bug at one of these places.
  • Others Homes and People Other Homes and People The fact that you don’t travel, does not mean you will not be infected by bed bugs visiting a friend’s home or having someone who has an infestation of bed bugs come to your home.
  • buying used items – The bed bugs make fantastic hiding places. If you purchase a used item, it’s likely that it has the bed bug in it. This is the reason it’s not recommended to purchase mattress that is used, for instance even if they appear good when examined.

Bed bugs are attracted to places like motels and hotels. This is why the most frequent method to catch bed bugs is to travel. However, they are resilient bugs that can survive in different locations too and, therefore, even without travel you can discover bed bugs inside your own home. For more details on treatment for bed bugs contact us immediately by dialing (480) 527-7378.

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