Pest problems are often thought of as easily treatable with a little elbow grease. Some of the most severe pest infestations happen without property owners being aware. Termites are a costly problem that can also be dangerous.

Termites: Nature’s Industrialists

Termites, which look a lot like ants, invade Pittsburgh homes and yards to get wood. Termites dig tunnels in soil and build mounds. However, they also eat wood fibers from dirt, trees and buildings. Termite colonies can quickly grow to large numbers, often numbering in the hundreds. Their caste system allows the reproductive members of their colonies only to concentrate on their work and protecting their territory. The termite colony is growing rapidly and can cause damage to properties. However, due to their underground lifestyle they are often completely invisible. All these factors combine to make termites one the most destructive pests, costing property owners billions every year.

Why you shouldn’t try to handle termites on your own

Many property owners know they are a problem and attempt to eliminate them. It is often ineffective and can even worsen the problem. These are fake home remedies you should avoid.

  • Vinegar: Vinegar is a remedy for pests and ailments for hundreds of years. There is little evidence to suggest that vinegar applied on your floors and walls will eliminate termites.
  • Orange oil While the acidic contents of orange rinds may kill termites by eating their exoskeletons (which is what it does), this is not an effective treatment. It will only treat visible termites, those closest to the surface, and not termites deep below the ground or in the wood of your house.
  • Chemicals and Over-The-Counter Sprays: Property owner may use over-the-counter chemicals or sprays to prevent or eliminate termites. These sprays may be dangerous to your health, and they will not guarantee the extermination of termites in your home.

Proven Termite Prevention

It’s better not to rely on unproven methods. Instead, be proactive and take preventative measures to keep termites away. These are some ways to prevent termites from invading your property. Professional treatments can’t be replaced.

  • Contact with the soil:Termites drill through the soil to reach underground woods and gain access to structures. It is important to keep soil bed at least one foot from your exterior.
  • Wood storage Yard debris and wood piles, particularly those located along walls, can attract termites to your property.
  • Water damage Many termites seek out waterlogged or moist wood for food, so it is important to address damaged wood quickly.

A Pittsburgh Without Termites

A termite problem could quickly cost you more than it would cost to prevent it from happening. Professional termite control professionals are the best choice. Pittsburgh Pest Control’s trained staff can immediately begin an inspection of your home. It will help us find any attractants that could draw termites to your property. You can also rest assured knowing that trained eyes have thoroughly inspected your yard. Don’t waste your time trying to solve a problem like termites. Instead, use our proven methods to eliminate the problem and ensure it doesn’t return.

Don’t wait to get the best termite protection. Pittsburgh Pest Control is available 24/7.

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