It’s a question you are asking because you’ve have found beetles in the carpet. Carpet beetles certainly get its name because of its ability to live in carpets, however, it’s not the only thing it does. The elusive creature likes not to be disturbed and typically makes its home in quiet, low-trafficked places.

What Is A Carpet Beetle?

Beetles are beetles, however, they act as a moth. As they grow their diet is comprised of natural fibers such as wool fur, felt, feathers, silk skins, leather, and feathers. They contain keratin, an animal protein that larvae can digest. Synthetic fabrics and cotton like rayon and polyester are seldom attacked unless mixed with wool, or affected by food as well as body oils. Carpet beetles infestations can occur undetected and cause harm to items that are vulnerable. The adult beetles are small (1/16 up to one-eighth of an inch) oval-shaped and vary in hue from black to a variety of designs of brown, white, orange, and yellow. Contrary to the carpet beetles that are young the adult beetles eat pollen of flowers. In spring, they typically are seen on windowsills, indicating that an infestation is present within the home. Female beetles lay 50-100 eggs in or near an edible fabric. Certain breeding locations could be evident (wool rug kept in the closet) However, other sites can be more subtle, like accumulations of pet hair that are associated with air vents or baseboards.

How Did They Get Into My Home?

Female carpet beetles can get into your Pittsburgh home through an unlocked opening or window. They’ll look for an excellent source of animal-based fibres and then place eggs in a private location. Another method of bringing them to your house is homeowners who are unaware of bringing an item that is infested to the house. Items bought from a second-hand shop are a great example, but in actual it doesn’t need been second-hand for it to be affected. Things that could attract a carpet beetle include:

  • Furniture that has animal-based fabrics.
  • Carpets made of wool, especially those that are kept in a closet or empty room.
  • Leather and wool coats, coats made of fur, stoles, silk blouses and silk coats.
  • Silk sheets and wool blankets.
  • Taxidermy animal trophy.

This list is only a sample of. Carpet beetles have an extensive diet and that’s why they are able to thrive almost anywhere even in your attic where they feed on the carcass of dead mice. Do not underestimate the carpet beetle.

Carpet Beetle Prevention Tips

Because you cannot determine when a female beetle will come to your home it is not a word to use. It’s highly likely that you’re going to offer the chair you love or your coat to avoid the possibility of being infested. It’s all about controlling the issue. Here are some strategies to tackle the problem:

  • Make sure you have functional screens on every window that are not brittle or holes.
  • Clean furniture and carpets regularly.
  • Place items that are not frequently used or high-risk in plastic bags that are sealed or in cold vaults.
  • If you spot an item infested, clean it dry clean, dispose of the item then wrap in plastic and then place it in the freezer for up to 72 hours.

Cedar chests aren’t recommended due to the seal being inadequate to keep deadly or repellent levels of the volatile oil from cedar.

Don’t Wait To Contact The Professionals

As you attempt to deal this issue on your own, carpet beetles are still munching on your Great Aunt Sophie’s wool rug she returned home from her journey to Turkey. They’re not a fan of your family’s history or the fact the fact that you paid thousands of dollars for the antique chair. Contact the professionals of Pittsburgh Pest Control for FREE estimates now, and while you’re there, take a look at our accolades. Our top award is the HomeAdvisor designation was awarded in 2019 is our top honor, as well as An A+ score from the Better Business Bureau. Contact us for more information concerning the services we offer for carpet beetle services..

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