Within the Pittsburgh region there are three kinds of termites: drywood subterranean, and dampwood. Drywood termites are a threat to hardwood like windows or door frame. Also, they target furniture made from wood. Dampwood termites attack wood that is damp. If you don’t find any damp or rotting wood around your homeor within the structure of your property, you shouldn’t need to be concerned about this kind of termite. Subterranean termites are those which pose the greatest concerned for homeowners living in Pittsburgh. They attack timbers that support structures and cause damage all over a structure. If you live in a house in Pittsburgh termites could be extremely damaging to you savings bank account. Do you think this is the only way that they could cause harm to you? This is what you need to be aware of threats posed by Pittsburgh termites.

Termite Bites

If you’ve opened up a wall in your home to do a renovation and found worker and soldier termites inside, we can see this as being a reason you’ve come to this article to see how harmful termites are to humans. Soldier termites are rarely seen unless their tunnels are breached. This can happen during a renovation project. When it does, it is often startling. A soldier termite has foreboding, black pincers on its head that resemble the pincers on the end of an earwig. It is easy to think horrible thoughts of these insects getting into your ears and doing some tunneling in your body. We’re happy to inform you that soldier termites are not likely to ever get in your ear. They prefer to stay in their tunnels or in wood or soil. They’re also not likely to pinch you with those pincers. Their pincers are too small and too weak to harm you. Soldiers do battle with ants and other insects. You are entirely out of their weight class. You have nothing to fear from termite soldiers. Workers, on the other hand, can harm you.

The sole termites in a colony who eat wood are workers. All other termites obtain their nutrition from workers by a process known as trophallaxis. Because they can eat wood, it’s possible to be bitten by them. However, the good news is the fact that your body’s not made from wood or made of a material containing the cellulose. Termites do not have a desire to bite you, and are not considered to bite you out of self-defense.

Termites Can Take A Bite Out Of Your Home

The biggest risk that termites pose is the threat to your financial security that they bring for you and your family. A home purchase is among of the biggest purchases you’ll ever make in your life. If you’re retired your equity could assist you in your last years or it could be an asset you can leave your children. Termites could eat away at your savings and cause hardship in your retirement years. Subterranean termites pose the greatest threat due to their sly. They can crawl up through the soil and feed the wood inside your home without being detected.

The best method to tackle the issue of damage from termites is to decide in advance the amount you’ll pay. Yes, you read that right. While damage from termites can be shocking however, proactive termite management isn’t. Damage caused by termites can be prevented. If you take the time to invest in protection against termites then you are aware of the cost termites will impose on you. You can include this as a line item on your budget. There’s no surprises. No hardships. You’re in control, not the termites.

How To Stop Termites

We at Green Pest Control, we apply liquid termite treatment to protect against damage caused by termites. This is the standard in termite treatment for decades and the treatments we utilize have lasted longer and are passed on between termites. When a termite colonies tries to invade your home You won’t simply take out the creatures who try to feed on your property and then you’ll be able to get them to kill the colony which sent them.

If you’d like to know more, we’d love to arrange a no-cost house termite examination. There’s no hefty selling pitch and there’s no obligation to buy termite control services. We are here to help you make an informed choice for the security of your retirement and equity savings. Remember that this inspection is not intended for closing of escrow reports WDIIR. This inspection is intended for homeowners who are looking to safeguard their investment. Contact us today to make an appointment.

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