Some bugs receive a negative image. Their appearance and behavior could create the impression that they are to be more hazardous than they actually are. This is true of every pest as effectively as the common earwig which you’ve probably heard many legends about all your life. While they’re not as harmful as you be led to think, earwigs are widespread invasive insects that you should avoid.

Earwigs & Where To Find Them

Although they can be found indoors but earwigs are mainly outdoors and are often located in grasses, gardens and even bushes and trees. They feed on leafy vegetation and go through moist soils in search of food. With their look and rear pincers, earwigs appear like a formidable insect, but are actually quite gentle. As with all pests they are attracted to business and homes, especially looking for food and shelter. When one kind of insect enters the home with the others, those which battle them for resources — or search for foodthey will also move in. This is why no pest that invades is to be considered insignificant.

Unsightly But Not Harmful

Because of their frightening appearance, people believe that the earwigs can be a threat to anyone. The name itself comes from an old folk legend that claims that earwigs can get into the ear canal, and then lay eggs or devour your brain. However, the truth is that the earwigs don’t cause harm. The pincers on their backs aren’t capable of breaking skin and are used mostly to move around the grassy areas that they like to lounge in. They won’t even crawl into your ear, or do anything else you might have heard about from a younger brother or sister who pulled your leg while you were a kid. The earwigs that are commonly thought of as a nuisance are likely to be the most exaggerated bug. They are not as desirable in your home like other insects. To stop the spread of pests around your property, it is important to keep them out of your property before they become a visible issue.

Earwig Prevention Inside & Out

When it comes to pests in the outdoors, like Earwigs, it is important to be proactive both in and out of your business or home. Here are some areas to be focused on in both instances:


  • Landscaping The most crucial thing to do is keep your the garden pests’ territory from crossing over your own. Plants or soil beds that go along your structure offer an easy route to access points.
  • Moisture Control Earwigs prefer soils that are moist, and so the proper drainage of your yard is crucial to avoid accumulation of water that can bring the pests that invade your property.
  • Crack sealing The routine of checking your foundation and walls for holes or cracks bugs can enter and repair them by hand is a good way to get into.


  • Food Storage As with other pests Earwigs are attracted to food smells. Avoid leaving food out, and ensure that the containers you use aren’t too easy for tiny bugs to gain access of.
  • Trash Storage This is the same for garbage, which can attract hairy earwigs when you’ve recently got rid of vegetables or fruits.
  • Windows & Doors Earwigs, along with other bugs, traverse through damaged window screens and cracks beneath doors. Installing and repairing screens, as well as door sweeps as well as weather stripping could be a solution to these points of entry.

Contact Pittsburgh Pest Control For More Assistance

The most crucial and efficient way to keep all sorts of pests away from the Pittsburgh property is regular support from experts in the local area. We at Pittsburgh Pest Control, we are able to quickly tackle any garden pest that is causing an population before they discover ways to enter your home. The thorough checks we conduct are the ideal method to ensure that a population isn’t gaining without the knowledge of you. If you’re concerned about earwigs, or any other kind of insects, Pittsburgh is here to assist. Contact us now.

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