Being among the most frequently misidentified pests It’s not uncommon for people to misinterpret bed bugs as carpet beetles, or even adult Cockroaches. With their tiny oval, flat bodies that don’t get larger than the size of an apple, and their reddish-brown color bed bugs possess an extremely distinct look than you would think. When it comes to pests they are often described as “parasitical hitchhikers,” and they have a good reason for it. Not only do they depend on humans to travel however, their preferred food is blood from humans.

However, bed bugs can cause problems to Pittsburgh home owners. What you need to know about the health issues caused by the pests, how difficult they can be to eradicate after they’ve been found and what you should do when you first notice signs of an infestation.

Bed Bug Health Concerns In Pittsburgh, PA

Bed bugs can bite, they’re not believed to carry diseases like cockroaches do. But that does not mean that they don’t have health risks. From insomnia to secondary infections bed bugs can be harmful to your health.

secondary infections Although they don’t directly cause infection The itchy, red bites that bed bugs leave may develop secondary skin infections due to frequent scratching. The most frequent infections are ecthyma impetigo and lymphangitis.

Sleepiness When people realize that they have bed bugs in their homes and that they’re getting bitten while sleeping several people start to experience insomnia. It’s not easy to go to sleep when you’re aware that the bed bug is waiting on your blood, which could result in anxiety.

Allergies It’s normal for people to experience minor allergic responses to the bites of bed bug some people may experience intense, full-body reactions bites from bed bugs.

Anemia Although this is rare the bed bugs that become in size and remain untreated for long enough may cause symptoms of anemia to the individuals that they’re biting.

Although they do not directly transmit diseases however, the health risks of the bed bug infestation can be a threat. Being plagued within your home could mean getting stung by bugs, suffering from insomnia, or perhaps getting anemia if neglected for a long period of time.

How Hard Are Bed Bugs To Control In Pittsburgh, PA?

There are pests that can be a problem, such as rodents, cockroaches, as well as ants they could find their way into your home due to food leftovers or excessive humidity has attracted them. However, bed bugs aren’t attracted by your home as many pests are, which makes it much more difficult to keep them out.

As previously mentioned, bed bugs get through traveling and aren’t selective about the houses they invade. In fact, homes that are dirty and unsanitary are equally likely to be affected by problems with bed bugs as clean ones.

Bed bugs are a common problem for people after traveling to a location in which there’s an existing bed bug infestation , such as airports, hotel rooms or even a friend’s home. These bugs cling onto your personal belongings and luggage and then flutter off after they’re brought back to your home.

Once inside the bed, eliminating bed bugs isn’t a simple task also. Bed bugs are tiny enough to hide even in the tiniest of crevices and cracks. When the conditions are right they may even remain without blood meals over a period of up to 400 days. Even if you’re using over-the-counter treatments for bed bugs It’s nearly impossible to kill each egg and bug on your own.

What To Do If You’re Spotting Signs Of A Bed Bug Infestation In Pittsburgh, PA

The discovery of dark spots on your pillows and sheets, waking up with itchy, red skin welts, or even finding old skins could be signs of a bed bug infestation. Your first thought might be to attempt to eradicate the pests yourself but over-the counter treatments aren’t always effective and allow the bed bug population to reproduce and grow.

When you have a pest that is incredibly difficult to eradicate, such as insects, bedbugs, etc, it’s better to delegate the task to professionals, such as the ones from Pittsburgh Pest Control. With over 30 years of experience under our under our belts we’ve been getting rid of pests in Pittsburgh houses for a long time. If you’re seeing the symptoms mentioned above, or even spotting living bedbugs, you have not a time to wait. Contact Pittsburgh Pest Control by phone at Pittsburgh Pest Control today to receive a no-cost estimate, or to set up an inspection of your house.

Ant Control In Pittsburgh

If you’re having trouble with ants, be aware the fact that Pittsburgh Pest Control is there to assist you in stopping any ant invasion at home. We also offer the residential strategies for keeping ants as well as a myriad of other insects, away from your home. Ants aren’t all the pests that pose a threat to your home and health. Contact us today to secure your home from pests you Pittsburgh home. It’s among the best investments you’ll make.

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