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What are ants like?

Ants are social creatures and are found in large numbers. Ant colonies are comprised of three castes, each of which is responsible for the overall success for the entire colony (queens queens, workers and males). Queens and males are responsible for reproduction. Workers are responsible for all other aspects including the hunt for food, maintaining the nests and protecting the nest against predators. The ants we work with are the ones we see frequently.

Ants have three body parts, each with an antennae that is distinct from the waist and a smaller one with chewing jaws. Ants’ colors and sizes differ based on the particular species, but the majority are brown, black or red.

Ants that regularly take over Pennsylvania yards and homes include the following:

Southern Fire Ants

They are tiny ants that have an amber-colored head , abdomen that is black, and golden hairs that cover their bodies.

Carpenter Ants

They are the biggest house invaders throughout the U.S. and are black or brown, red or a mixture of these colors.

Harvester Ants

They are known for collecting seeds to eat These insects are dark red and the workers have an expanded head.

Odorous House Ants

The tiny black ants can be are identified by the rotten coconut-like scent they emit after they have been crushed.

Rover Ants

The ants are small and vary in color, ranging from pale yellow to dark blackish-brown. they are found within small groups.

Pavement Ants

The tiny brown or black insects prefer the soil near or beneath sidewalks, pavements and foundations to be their most preferred places to nest.

Are ants dangerous?

Ants are tiny creatures that move across the ground, as well as between and beneath objects. When they move they inhale bacteria on their bodies and legs. Once they land in your home, they carry the bacteria they picked up with them. The majority of the ants we see are nuisance ants. That is because, despite their capability to infect food items and surfaces with bacteria these ants aren’t an immediate threat to us as well as our home.

The ants that are dangerous are more of a risk either to us or our property. Consider, for example, carpenter ants; These large ants live inside wood. In the event that they opt to enter our homes there, they will infiltrate and enter through the structural wood. As time passes, they cause extensive and expensive damages. Southern fire ants defends its colony and itself by inflicting painful, venomous staining.

What is the reason I am experiencing an Ant problem?

Ants communicate with the pheromones. They leave chemical trails to alert members of their colony of new food sources. If ants find food in your backyard or wander into your home, they’ll signal this to the the colony.

The ability to communicate effectively is the reason you might only observe just a few ants on one day then next day, you’ll find hundreds of them in your home or yard. Once ants have found an effective source of food, they’ll return.

Ants pose a challenge since they don’t have one nesting spot. The majority of colonies have an outdoor nesting location and numerous satellite nests. Once they have moved into your house to hunt to eat or escape the unfavorable conditions, ants usually remain to build the nests, which are usually in the vicinity of pipes or in other moist places in between floors, behind walls or even above ceilings.

Where can I find the ants?

Ants are among the most frequent pests that reside near to humans. As our habitats are merging and ants have adapted to living in areas that are outdoors near homes and commercial buildings. They do not have a problem taking advantage of the water, food and shelter that our homes most of the time.

Some of the places where you can discover ants’ nests include:

  • Fields, yards or open spaces
  • In or near the concrete slabs, foundations or
  • Next to or under the pavements or sidewalks
  • Within structures, behind walls, in areas of crawl space or behind appliances, in electrical equipment
  • Gardens
  • Landscape ties, under mulch stones, woodpiles

How can I rid myself of the ants?

Ants can be difficult to stop and are even more difficult to eradicate after they’ve become accustomed in the Pennsylvania property. To eradicate ants and stop their re-infestation, work with the local experts with Pittsburgh Pest Control. Utilizing eco-friendly pest control methods that solve pest issues by using methods and products that are safe for children, pets as well as the natural environment. We’re dedicated to provide you with speedy response and the most effective service for pest control that is available.

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What can I do to prevent the possibility of attracting ants in the near future?

Utilize the following prevention strategies to stay clear of problems caused by Ants:

  • As with all pests, excessive moisture and water sources draw the ants. Fix leaky plumbing and fixtures, install weatherstripping around doors and windows and make use of dehumidifiers for removing the excess moisture that is present in your home.
  • Eliminate the ability of ants to locate food in your home. Put lids on trash bins and recycling bins. Make sure that trash is taken off your property on a weekly basis, remove pet food that has been eaten and clear up food items after having eaten.
  • Clean and vacuum regularly tables, counters, as well as other surfaces throughout your home.
  • Examine your home’s exterior frequently Be sure to note cracks or crevices within walls or foundations or gaps around windows or vents that are open or around utilities. Seal any gaps with a suitable material.
  • Remove all debris from your yard, including excess wood tree branches, fallen trees, and any brush that ants might build a nest under.

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